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22 November 22:16:46
Swear she don’t mean no harm... Carried us 9 months she earned the stripes on her arm... I can see the hell she facing as if I was reading her palm... but when she ain’t got to ask nobody for nothing please don’t be alarmed... The past make’em whisper I hear giggles and hissin, paid your dues for what you got they out here thinking you trickin, they’d be thirsty still wouldn’t give them the greatness I’m pissin, when we buy it they won’t eat outta Mama’s kitchen, ughh!!! #Mama #flightsquad #godnation #follow4follow #like4like #ytwbs #yestherewillbesnacks #musically #musician #singer #singing #talentedmusicians #music #classical #guitar #chh #christianhiphop #rapzilla #hiphop #trap #gospel #viral #Frontline

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02 November 14:26:44
#Inspired by #canttellmenothing by #AdrionButler Check out the video in his bio. • This particular verse is by one of the guys from #GodNation ( @chosenofgodnation ) • So growing up I wasn’t allowed to say ‘shut up’ and it’s something that stuck with me even as a grown up. So of course this stood out to me in the song “can’t tell me nothing” and I’m totally giving myself permission to tell the enemy to SHUT UP. • The power we have in Christ is to tell the enemy to flee and He will flee. Choose to silence the enemy’s voice today and forevermore. Refresh and renew your thoughts with God’s words and eliminate anything that comes from the enemy and send it straight to the Pitts of Hell where it belongs. • The enemy has a mission towards us and that’s to steal from us, kill and destroy us. So why does he get a chance to talk. Why would we allow his words to replay in our head. Why do we care what the enemy says when God’s words will never be void. God’s words are life and the enemy just spits out death. • Choose to tell the enemy to SHUT UP and meditate on God’s words. Remember that God Loves you, He is faithful, His promises are yes and amen. He is perfect. He wants to save us to the uttermost. He is our Perfect Father, God, Comforter, Lover, Reward, and Friend. Shut the enemy up with Truth- God’s Truth. God is for His believers. He is for us!