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I wanna cuddle down and have a Tim Burton marathon with you @frejadottir LOVE YOU!!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 Latex by: @libidex Shine by:
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💉👇4 WAYS TO GET SHREDDED👇💉 When I first got into the gym, my goal was purely to look good naked I wanted to get shredded Anyone who says they don t initially do it for aesthetic reasons is a liar Thats not to say that down the line, your reasons may change These days I lift for the sake of my health and mobility Yet old me wanted to be confident with his shirt off. I wanted to look AND feel like a man... But I know the fitness industry has thrown this idea out there of the ideal body and that perhaps, you too want to get shredded Let me make it super simple for you then Here are 4 ways you can get shredded: 1) Do heaps of cardio and go on a super low calorie diet I did this for 3 years. 30 minutes of cardio before every gym session This one is sure to make you hate your life. If you can consistently keep this up for more than 3 weeks, you deserve a cookie... OH wait... you re not allowed cookies 🍪❌😢 FAIL 2) Go on Isagenix or Herbalife and make money selling the products to others Yep, these will get you ripped fast as fuck. Drinking shakes all day truly is the best way to make yourself question the meaning of life I mean come on dude... What the fuck FAIL 3) Buy this magic pill/supplement that requires you to do nothing except swallow it Ah yes, I m sure you ve been conned into many a pill. I remember buying Mike Chang s (six pack shortcuts) pink drink from Youtube. I drank that nectar of the gods religiously for a month. Alas, the gains were nowhere to be found FAIL 4) Attend my free Web-class where I EDUCATE you on how to eat MORE and train LESS using SIMPLE SCIENCE for LIFELONG RESULTS Excuse the excessive capitalisation... Since you can t hear my voice I want you to know that I m YELLING AT YOU PASS Seriously though - I feel your pain. You ve tried multiple diet plans and bullshit that doesn t work You re sick of spinning your wheels Hop on with me LIVE this Thursday and find out how to look good naked and feel good too I m going to show you how Stephen Lost 23kg Eating Pizza & Drinking Beer... While Doing ZERO Cardio Click the link in my bio or in the comments to register The room only takes 100 See you Thursday!