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08 December 17:54:28
What s y alls opinions of high fence hunts? Everything on this page was taken by fair chase in the wild. All hunted on about a 50/50 mix of public and private land in accordance to game regulations to the best of my knowledge. Only fences around were cattle fence, and that s just a joke to a deer. I ve personally hunted inside high fence for hogs a couple times with both rifle and bow. I didn t particularly care for it either time. It can be a great place for those with significant physical limitations that still want to participate in the sport. First time hunters isn t a bad thing either I suppose. A controlled environment and guaranteed sighting of animals. Some places are huge and have a wide array of animals that aren t even from this country. I m not against it, just don t pass it off as fair chase. Expect to open your pocketbook if you go though. Even hogs are $500 to $1,000. I ve seen $25,000+ deer on webpages. I ve personally shot three deer that would have cost over $10k each...
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06 December 00:36:42
My very first
#proudhusbandmoment! Kelsey and I went out today in hopes of finding a good buck for her first one. (I owed her for shooting hers last year) we passed up 4 bucks before I glassed this one up and right away knew I had to try and get Kels a shot. We waited 40 minutes for him to step out which seemed like an eternity. I am so so so proud of my momma bear for keeping it together and killing her first coues buck! Congrats babe this is just the beginning!! A special thank you to @gavin_ortiz14 and @david_epley for coming over and helping me get him out!! #hunt_az #couesdeer #firstdeer #teamortizkillas