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23 July 19:35:45
A little clip of Ruby from the other day, this was my second time riding her. I m not worrying too much about her headset right now since she is so out of shape but she s nice to ride and seems to carry herself. I honestly think recording yourself while riding is one of the best ways to improve, because your instructor can repeat the same thing to you a million times and you not know what it looks like. In a video you can see your errors. Also I might take Ruby instead of Chancy to the show in August, Chancy is a great horse but he has a long ways to go and so do I as a rider and it s hard to think about my position while trying to keep him balanced and together. **if anyone is curious about Sierra, she has had her last lesson at her barn and is looking for a new one. -Cassandra • • • #horse #riding #showjumping
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23 July 19:34:41
Sky 💕 // Another Sunday to reflect on 1 Horse + Rider, 6 Black Backgrounds and styled shoots with the home girl @magnusphoto To my fellow creatives: never forget why you started and where you want to be. There s going to be plenty of people who doubt you, question you, say you re doing it wrong, say you re not good enough and so on and so on. Just know I m on your team, I m cheering you on and rooting for you with my hands high in the air 🙌🏼🙌🏼 saying you CAN do it! Community over completion my friends, shed love + light to every person you meet and the universe will reward you one day! I guarantee it! Sweet dreams everyone! 💙⭐️