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19 August 05:18:06
The creation of the House of @dior coincided with the golden age of fashion photography. Dior’s iconic and highly photogenic shapes attracted magazines and photographers alike, from Richard Avedon to Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst, Erwin Blumenfeld, William Klein, Clifford Coffin, Henry Clarke, and Louise Dahl-Wolfe, among others. The dancer look created by Dior’s New Look styles chimed with the classical balletic poses that photographers challenged the models to emulate in the fantastical Parisian settings chosen to echo the dress’s themes. For me, the resulting photographs make for some of the most arresting images of the 20th century. The exhibition has a whole room dedicated to these. It’s in here that the elaborate set design by interior architect Nathalie Crinière comes into its own, as Avedon’s 1955 photograph Dovima with Elephants fades in and out to reveal Dior’s original Y Line black velvet dress topped off with dramatic white sash. Pure scenography magic. [Terrible pic collage I know, but it was just so crowded in there, I had to snap at crazy angles!]

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18 August 08:29:44
Using photographs from my series Fashion and the Figure, I recreated the style of the images. The original idea was to create an unconventional way to look at the figure within fashion. The concept drew inspiration from Photographer Horst P. Horst s image American Vogue cover, 1 June 1940. In this photograph I paired two images as a diptych, rotated the whole image to present the figures upside to create unusual proportional shapes with the models bodies.
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