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29 May 16:52:37
As long as my lashes and everyone else s are growing, we re good! From treating aging skin to skin sensitivity, to dark spots, and blemishes to a whole new demographic of people wanting to grow their own lashes and those who use falsies!! Rodan and Fields is clearly something to brag about because it s that damn good and I get to distribute these products to people all around the world from posting and sharing from my smartphone and directing people to my website (Link in my bio 😉) Add an extra payday in the month for running my business where, when, and how I want... all I have to do is keep it real and pay it forward... uh, hello! Why are you rocking the status quo?? If your on your phone and social media, might as well value your time and monetize it while being helpful. Running this business is not rocket science. It just takes consistency, effort, and a whole lot of self love to allow yourself to grow...
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