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β‡’ Learn my technique + how to market your work by signing up for my online Faux Lock Tutorial/Marketing class; only $150! Well worth it for the abundance of information! πŸ’‘πŸ’°πŸ’†πŸΎ
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#Repost @thelagoshustle1 ・・・ The country wants to diversify from crude oil to other sectors which I think is a brilliant idea, however it seems like we are all concentrating on the same sector, Agriculture. We Nigerians suffer from the band-wagon effect. We’re interested in a certain kind of business just because we know of someone else that excels in the same line of business. Everyone is diversifying into agriculture but is it everyone that has and knows what it takes to farm? No! That’s what Nigerians don’t understand. Just 3 weeks ago the World Bank approved a $200 million credit to support the agricultural sector. Once a typical Nigerian becomes aware of that, he and everyone else jump unto that bandwagon trying to get their share of the money. Yet they have zero knowledge or expertise on what it takes to farm. I have a small garden in my house and I know exactly the level of commitment and resources needed just to get rid of weeds. Not to talk of everything else associated with farming. But to an extent they are not to blame. It’s the effect of living in Lagos or should I say Nigeria. You need more than one source of income to survive in this country. As a result everyone is grabbing unto whatever they can to increase their disposable income. #lagos #lagosian #lawyer #lawpractice #lawpractitioner #thelagoshustle #thelagoshustlechronicles #diversify #agriculture #produce #oil #crudeoil #oilandgas #farming #bandwagon #hustle #hustlers #worldbank #farm #disposableincome #income

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Joined my first time woman hackathon in extra slice! It s more like startup hackathon and I am glad my original idea got consonance from my teammates and we even tweaked it more to fit our target audience! It is inspiring and exciting, and we won the 2nd place!! πŸ™Œ woohoo!! I learned a lot from coaches, judges and investors, it s so informative and helpful to me to get different thoughts from people! I think I will join more these events and hustle for good work!!! #hustlers #hustle
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πŸ’› I know it s been a while and I m very sorry about that but I really needed to take a little break after those crazy 52 weeks! β€’ Last week has been exactly one year since my husband and I left France to start a new life here in LA and even if there s not a single day when I haven t woken up with an immensely grateful heart for being able to live this adventure, there are also some difficult times and last week was one... β€’ Leaving everything you have to start a new business in a new country is no joke!! Constant questionings and a lot of sacrifices BUT in this ocean of uncertainty there is one thing I ve always could rely on: YOU! You, adorable, incredible, and inspiring people! I can t thank you enough!! β€’ Through social media or IRL, meeting you, talking with you, and learning from you, are both the most unexpected and precious gifts of this whole experience! Being a small business owner is incredibly challenging and this is why I m so thankful for all the support and inspiration you bring me since the beginning. β€’ During these last few days I ve thought a lot and I ve came to the conclusion that because I m not alone in this case, because I want to give back all of this love, and also because I truly believe that we can help each other, I want to start a new conversation with you on my personal account @marinacalmes β€’ You, dreamers, doers, hustlers... I am thrilled to learn more from YOU!! Your dreams, your fears, your hopes, your doubts, your strenghths, your weaknesses, let s start sharing everything together and being stronger! β€’ A trΓ¨s vite !!! Marina β™₯️ β€’ PS: These are also all the reasons why I would love to attend the
#schoolofhustle organized by the amazing @ellenmariebennett from @hedleyandbennett and @instagramforbusiness. Learning from the bests entrepreneurs and having the opportunity to meet 199 other incredible attendees is something that I cannot miss! β€’ PS (bis): Immensely inspiring and sweet -I ve had the chance to meet her while I was at the factory to pick up one of my orders because of course her badass aprons and napkins are part of my gift boxes!- if you don t already know or follow @ellenmariebennett, you should definitely!!