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21 November 15:51:45
In shaving my head [six months ago], a substantial sum was donated to a brain cancer charity—it s an illness that touched my family in an important way, so it felt good to be able to do that. It was a look I was curious to try for many years but had never gotten the nerve up. Now I realize that was foolish. At first I felt quite self conscious because it was a big change, but quickly felt very empowered and quite confident. I love it! For a long time my hair was a signature part of my look, a big stylish pompadour, people used to always say your hair is your thing! Now I feel so much more free. Like people see and know the real me, and look at me in my eyes and don’t just see the hair. I also think that it’s quite a strong statement to say, I have a full head of awesome hair, but I’d rather shave it off and be smooth, and I like that. I have a feeling [my] bald look is going to be around for a while. Then again, with winter coming in, I’m feeling a bit more frozen than usual. Andrew is a Scottish/Colombian marketer who was raised in Canada. He lives in Paris working in international marketing and product development for a luxury beauty brand.

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20 November 17:14:23
Самый клёвый визажист из всех, кого я знаю - @visage_vlady 😻 Всегда творит что-то крутое))) Вот таким вот образом я возвращаюсь в мир инстаграма, что-ли _______________________________________
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