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デイン・デハーンが好きで「ディーン、君がいた瞬間」を観に行ったとき、後ろにいたおばさまが「やっぱり本物のほうが素敵よね〜♡」と言ってた話を母にしたら 「ジェームズ・ディーンの映画を観ないで、そっちを観に行くなんて!!」と本気で怒られた。 * 理由なき反抗のジェームズ・ディーンが格好良すぎて、大好きになって、今では部屋にポスターを飾っている。 * おばさま、お母さん、ありがとう🙇🏾‍♀️ #jamesdean
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Ann Doran said, Jimmy [James Dean] did most of the directing. He gave us our lines; he dominated the entire thing. Dean s and Nicholas Ray s working relationship was equally bizarre. Ray often rehearsed with Dean at his Chateau Marmont bungalow, and felt the energy between them there was so powerful that he actually recreated his own living room on the set to inspire Dean. Doran also recalled, Jimmy was a strange boy. On the first day, Jim Backus couldn t believe it. We were watching Jimmy doing his scene and someone had said, Quiet, we re going to shoot now. And they got up speed and were ready for action. Jimmy went down on the floor in the fetal position for the longest time. It seemed like half a can of film . . . and Nick said, Action. Jimmy stood up and went into the scene . . . [Jim and I] had never seen this Method of doing things. Nick seemed to be mesmerized by Jimmy . #jamesdean #rebelwithoutacause
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