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22 September 01:00:54
How the fuck does this motherfucker keep getting let out of jail?! First of all he is a paranoid schizophrenic off his meds. 2nd he s a Nazi who has killed someone. He thinks Hitler is God. When I was playing Madden he called me a nigger lover then got into my face & said my mom was fucked by a black guy & that was why I wasn t racist. Of course I paused my game, DUH, then I grabbed him by the neck, slammed him into the wall & threw his ass out of my house by his neck. Another time I was home eating pizza & watching the Angels game, basically a perfect Tuesday night until I hear this motherfucker going crazy & after a while I got pissed I was trying to relax & eat dinner & watch the game so I go outside just to tell them to keep it down. Tyson tells me to mind my own business & he swings on me, I dodged it & gave him ONE right hook. He looked like McGregor just trying to stay on his feet while I turned around & laid on my couch, finished my pizza & finished watching the game. None of that even compares to when he was fighting with his old lady & was chasing her with a knife. He had the knife to her neck, I grabbed his arm & spun him around then cracked his ass as hard as I could. He was out cold until the paramedics came that s when they told him I broke his jaw. They need to lock this guy up & throw away the fucking key. #kyliejenner
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