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19 November 00:11:49
#FinesseMuzik is starting off the holiday weekend right!!! ▪️◾️◼️⬛️ Black Friday “BLACK OUT” ⬛️◼️◾️▪️Friday 11•24•17 at Park Street Saloon - 525 Park St. (The Columbus Arena District) Don’t miss the craziest Thanksgiving weekend party in the city!!! 🏴[Black Friday Deal: 💲5 Before 10:30pm] | 🚪open at 10:00pm | Muzik by @DJIQ614 & @DJVNICEE_ | Hosted by @juice_finesse | Contact @finesseMuzik or any Finesse Muzik Promoters for more info #FinesseMuzik #YoungTwin #K3 #LegacyNation #NWAVE