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23 November 03:35:15
#wiiwednesday time again! This week my son and I played I Spy: Spooky Mansion. While The cheesiness was at an all-time high, the game was surprisingly fun. You navigate a spooky mansion and enter various rooms. You are immediately read a poem that contains all the things you need to find. While many are in plain sight, others are really hard to find. As you progress, you start playing mini games which aren’t bad and incorporate the Wiimote well. The game ends quickly but is really fun for kids and parents to play together. This game also appears on a double pack. A common game that shouldn’t run you more than $5. #wii #nintendo #ninstagram #nintendofan #nintendocollector #videogames #gamer #videogamecollection #collection #00s #kids #kidsgames #gamereview

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23 November 03:12:06
Momies cuti sekolah dah nak dekat ni...dah plan ke aktiviti utk anak2...x kan asyik nak baca buku je kan...main games sesekali pun jom tgk games apa yg kita ada☺️ . 1) Space Floor Puzzle: RM37 2) Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle: RM37 3) Arabic Alphabet Bingo: RM55 4) Arabic Learning Game: RM45 5) Arabic Alphabet Game: RM40 6) Arabic Matching Game: RM47 7) Arabic Memory Game: RM47 8) My First 50 Arabic Words: RM43 . . Whatsapp +60125900894 to order😉 . #islamickidsgame #islamickidsactivities #kidsgames #islamickidsgamesmalaysia

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22 November 22:04:03
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