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26 July 16:21:45
Some times I m trying to move so fast from my past and into my future that I forget to take in what s happening in the present. This movement that I ve embarked on has far exceeded anything that I could have imagined. From the fashion week situation, the connections made, being in magazines, movies, store fronts, across the land and seas, etc etc. Just been such an amazing ride but NONE of it could have been possible without YOU. YOU guys have propelled me FORWARD in such a way that I feel like I m always chasing. I wish I could thank you each individually but I can t. Just know that as a collective I am winning because of YOU. So in essence WE are winning. If I missed anyone in this video, please know it wasn t intentional and charge it to the head and never the heart. I ll be doing more of theses bc just today I ve quite a few snaps from you guys. Some of you I just don t have pics of and I know for a fact that you ve supported me in some capacity. So please continue to send them over so I can honor and THANK you guys in the future. I remain in this Humble(d) space and I hope this reaches each of you in THAT place. Love you guys, I absolutely Mean it. Keep being the QUEENS you are and don t ever stop QUEENING Fellas I got you covered as well but you know as the GENTLEMAN I am it s always ladies first THANK YOU ALL The Gent s Life Movement
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26 July 16:00:22
Keds 提倡 Ladies First 新女性主義, 與不丹手織圍巾社企 ANA by Karma 合作,於K11設立 Pop-up Store。凡於 pop-up store 購買鞋履可用優惠價HK$250換購 ANA by Karma 手織圍巾一條。圖中就係我嘅選擇,都係不離開藍與白。Pop-up Store 至2017年7月30日,仲有幾日,想擁有不丹手作就要把握機會了。
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