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#TheKiss ( #LeBaiser) is the moment of the tragic first Kiss between Paolo and Francesca, as depicted in Divine Comedy. Despite the popularity of this sculpture since its creation, #AugusteRodin was extremely critical of it, and when he realized the fruitlessness of placing an image which will be perceived as happiness amongst the morass of Hell, he removed it altogether. Paolo and Francesca , as the sculpture was originally known, was based upon actual historical figures living in Italy around 1275. Francesca, the daughter of Guido da Polenta, was married to the magistrate of Rimini, Gianciotto Malatesta. When Gianciotto entrusted the care of the beautiful Francesca to his younger brother Paolo, the two quickly fell in love, and at the moment of their first Kiss, Gianciotto surprised them and killed them. Paolo and Francesca was first displayed at the end of 1886 after it’s removal from the center of the left leaf of Gates. Critics immediately dubbed it Le Baiser (The Kiss) and supplanted its original meaning into one singular expression of Love. It was not displayed again until 1898 at Salon de la Société National des Beaux-Arts. Many believe that he finished the sculpture only to silence the critics whom he knew would attack the Monument to Balzac, which he also displayed at the show. He was correct. The critics lauded the romanticism and mastery displayed in The Kiss and loathed (loudly) his Monument​ to Balzac. The Kiss was then moved to the Musée du Luxembourg in 1900 where it remained till the creation of the Musée Rodin, in 1918. The Kiss is unexpectedly complex. Rodin contrasts the masculine and feminine nature of the partners, emphasizing the angular and muscular, yet passive figure of the man and the smooth form of the more active woman. The stiff, contorted pose of the man in juxtaposition to the feline grace of the woman approaches the incongruous... Rodin’s contemporaries were confronted with two undressed people of their own era engaged in an act of Love. He did not justify their nudity or their actions with references to mythological narratives or classical models.” - J. de Caso and P. Sanders. #rodin @elmuseosoumaya #paris #museerodin

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Nuages gris dès le réveil ... il fallait trouver la lumière ailleurs ! Elle est venue des très belles collections qu abrite le Belvédère, palais baroque édifié en 1714 et qui servait de résidence d été. Les œuvres sublimes de Gustav Klimt (peintre autrichien) dont Le Baiser qui attire presque autant de monde que La Joconde ! On y trouve aussi des tableaux de l époque Biedermeier et de l époque impressionniste : Monet, Corot, Courbet, Degas, Millet ... Un régal pour les yeux !
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2012년 12월 오랑주리 앞에서 보았던- 입맞춤. 어느 각도에서 보아도 좋은 작품이라, 차게 얼어붙은 손을 호호 불어가며 계속 빙빙 돌았던 기억이 아직도 생생.. 로댕의 걸작 중 하나인 이 작품이 주는 감동은, 아마 영원히 지속되기가 불가능한 (적어도 불가능하다 대부분이 생각하고마는) 열정의 찰나를 차디찬 소재 위에 이토록 뜨겁게 빚어내서가 아닐까- 본래는 형수랑 시동생인가, 여튼 불륜의 두 사람이 맺어지는 순간(=지옥으로 떨어지는 순간)을 표현한 거라 단테의 신곡 지옥의 문 의 일부로 구상되었던 작품. 하지만 로댕 역시 이러한 아름다움엔 그런 잔혹한 꼬리표 따위 떼어내고- 아마도 그저 사랑하는 두 사람의 입맞춤, 그것만으로도 충분하다고, 결국 그리 생각해서 분리했음이 분명하다. 적어도 이 차다찬 청동 안에서, 두 사람의 열정은 언제까지나 불멸한 것이다. 보는 이들이 부러워하게 할 만큼 #LeBaiser (The Kiss) -Auguste Rene Rodin