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Why do you choose to eat healthy? Really why do you choose to do anything? Remember your WHY, remember the end GOAL. Stay MOTIVATED and keep going on. We @sofreshng commit to eating healthy for the LIFE
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One of these things is not like the otherπŸ€” β€’ I came across this picture from a specialty grocery store selling farmed Atlantic salmon. Raving about its quality and health benefits. In fact, farmed salmon is higher in Omega 6’s which is something we need less of in our culture. These fish also are raised in diseased pens and fed food with dye to color their meat. We want our meat free range, why not
#wildandfree happy, healthy salmon too? β€’ Farmed salmon pale in comparison to Alaskan salmon! I spoke to one gourmet chef who was interested in buying our fish and she asked me if she removed the skin, would there be enough meat left... Apparently the filets she was getting were so thin she had a hard time cutting off the skin πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I assured her she would be pleased with our fish. πŸ₯‚ β€’ β€’ Oh and take a guess at the price per pound for this farmed beauty... 19.99/lb. 😐At least they called it farmed and not just β€œwild”. β€’ β€’ Our passion is getting the word out about the dangers of farmed salmon. If we wanted to make a bunch of money, believe me- direct marketing wouldn’t be it. It’s much easier to just sell to a cannery like most everyone else and take less risk. But there are still so many people down south supporting this awful industry and any small step we can take to help bring awareness is so beneficial! Shout out to all the other direct marketing companies out there!! β€’ β€’ Tell your local grocer you’d like to see wild Alaskan salmon available and say no to farmed fish!! #sustainable #alaska #eatwildsavewild #saveoursalmon #callahanfish #callahanfishco #traceable #fish #salmon #wildalaskansalmon #liveauthentic #liveorganic #eatfresh #organic #freshfish #organicfish #letsfish #gofish #freshsalmon #saynotofarmedfish #startup #lastfrontier #finalfrontier #livefresh #livewild #wildheart #livefree #livealaska #livemore