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ADA TANGISAN PENYESALAN??? Jangan sampai terjadi PROMIL BIAYANYA MAHAL??? APA IYA Giliran untuk perawatan di salon, shoping, belanja tas baru, sepatu baru, wisata kuliner, liburan dll aja sanggup. Tapi untuk jemput baby melakukan promil rasanya berat karena mahal. Kata Mahal atau tidaknya itu relatif bunda, karena ketika apa yang menjadi penghambat belum diatasi semakin lama akan lebih susah di atasi, akhirnya cek sana sini, dianjurkan operasi dan pada akhirnya harus bayi tabung. Disaat itulah bantuan kami akan terasa sangat murah tpi bukan murahan. Karena menyepelekan satu masalah, akan menyebabkan masalah lain yang lebih besar. Ketika hambatan kecil dibiarkan saja maka sama artinya memelihara penyakit. Sesuatu yg dipelihara lama2 akan meluas dan akan mencampai puncak. YUK CEK IG KAMI BUNDA Pin:DD2536DB Wa: 082372098857

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Chapter 50 YOUR POV I decided to send Logan a text 📱text you sent him📱 You: I hope your having a great time with your hoes. Good luck. You’ll need it. 📱 I sent it and he hasn’t responded yet. I’ll leave him to actually fuck all of them. I’m not gonna waste tears over a inconsiderate fuck. I warned myself I’ll be hurt by him again but looks like I didn’t listen. • LOGANS POV I eventually got control and stopped. I grabbed a few drinks with george and got drunk. I grabbed my phone and saw I got a text from y/n. Um what? I look at it and read it. She somehow found out. I ask George. L: d-dude y/n knows about the girls I was flirting with?! G: yeah man I put it on my story. Dope right! L: no. No it’s not dope. GEORGE WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT. SHE HATES ME NOW. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I’m crying at this point. I wrecked my chances. And I was gonna ask her to be my girlfriend tomorrow and give her a promise anklets (rings are boring lol). That’s not gonna happen now😭. • //ya fucked up logan// #loganpaul
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Chapter 49 L: *yells really loudly* I SAID LEAVE!! You are really shocked. You have never ever seen him this angry in your entire life. A tear falls down your cheek. You just stared at him. L: no y/n don’t cry And gets up to give you a hug You: DONT TOUCH ME! You grab your stuff, head out the door and race home in your car. You get home and just collapse on your bed. You really don’t want to be dealing with his bullshit rn. You put on some Netflix, make popcorn and start watching a show. You get a text from James. (All the boys now about your thing with Logan) 📱texts between you and james📱 J: have you seen George’s ig story? you: no, why? I had a fight with Logan earlier and I’m at home now. J: well Logan’s at a club literally air fucking and grinding on girls. You: what? J: I’m gonna leave you to it. 📱end of texts📱 • You go and see it for yourself. It’s true. Straight away that broke your heart. It’s clear he doesn’t like you anymore. If he thinks that’s what he should do instead of fix this problem that you two have that’s fine. You can last with out him. Even though he was your main source of happiness😔 • LOGANS POV I was so mad at myself for making y/n cry. I know she just wanted to be alone for a bit. Ugh now she thinks I hate her. I go clubbing when I’m down so that’s what I’m gonna do! I arrived at a club with George and walked in. Immediately girls started flirting with me. I flirt too. I’m getting carried away without even consuming alcohol. Logan stop! I can’t help it they’re all so hot and it’s turning me on!! I start grinding on them. I haven’t even drank yet. What’s wrong with me? I kept doing it for some reason. I can’t control myself!! (Keep in mind he has no idea George has filmed it and posted it). #loganpaul #logang #loganpaulfanfiction #loganpaulfanfic #beamaverick

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Thank you all sooo much for 300 followers! Your support means so much to me and this account💜 • Chapter 48 STILL LOGANS POV The next morning I wake up and look over at y/n. She was sound asleep, looking so peaceful and cute. I was about to go wake her up when I remembered that I haven’t even asked y/n to be my girlfriend yet. I need to think of a way to do it. It’s not just gonna be a basic dinner date. I like making my dates experiences. Not boring dinners. I’ll work on thinking of it. • YOUR POV I wake up by Logan squeezing me so tightly. I couldn’t breathe😂 You: ah um- l-Logan I can’t breathe L: oh sorry y/n😂 He let’s go and kisses my shoulder. L: today I’m gonna make breakfast! You: oh wow it better be delicious L: hey! I never said it won’t be! you: well I did😂 L: well I’m gonna prove you wrong! you: fine you man child He ignores you and walks down stairs. While he’s trying his hardest to make a decent breakfast, you’re getting ready for the day. You finish getting ready and walk downstairs. You walk your way into the kitchen and see two plates of French toast with scrambled eggs. You must say it looks good but it might not taste good. You: oh wow what’s this? L: the delicious breakfast I made!🙄 You: are you sure it delicious? L: yep! You try it and surprisingly it was actually good. You: ok im not gonna lie this is amazing. L: see! I told you! Then Logan came and joined you. After you both finished eating Logan got ready for the day as well. You were both really stuck and bored on what to do. You: Logan I should probably go back to my apartment I need to sort a few things L: no stay here! You: Logan I have to go! L: no you doooont😞 You: I’m sorry but i haven’t been there in a few days. I’ve been spending most of my time with you L: and that’s a bad thing? You: no it’s just I’ve spent a lot of time with you and I need some alone time. L: what?! I literally told you I liked you, spent a FEW DAYS with you which I’m sure we both loved and now you’re just pushing me away? you: no Logan I need to see other people L: just leave if you don’t wanna be with me. You: no logan I- L: leave You: log- L:..... #loganpaul #logang #loganpaulfanfiction

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juat came bck from camp, sorrynfor being inactive ily - ▻ [ tag them? ♡ ] - ▻ [@emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez] - ▻ [check out my other fanpages! @jovialshawn and @blushingsabrina] - ▻ [tags:
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