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26 June 15:32:53
Hello luxury lovers! We have been busy here at Authenticate First helping our lovely clients establish authenticity of their high series number Chanel bags and wallets. Authenticate First has taken the reigns and will only authenticate Chanel series 17 and higher in person. Why? Because the scammers and con artists have replicated the newer bags 1:1 mirror copy. This causes some extra time on your end, but big sighs of relief from our happy clients! If your bag turns out to be counterfeit, we help with claims paperwork for no extra fee. In House or In Person authentications are a breeze. Simply mail your item to our San Diego, CA. location, or we can meet you in person in our downtown office. Either way, you will receive an upgraded certificate of authenticity if authentic. The peace of mind from these in person inspections are priceless, according to our happy clients. Backed by a 💯% guarantee! ✅ schedule yours today! FAST - ACCURATE - AFFORDABLE Authenticate First! We work with large websites, consignment shops, and private clientele worldwide. Our service has no borders! CONTACT US - fast reply to your questions: Authenticatefirst.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authenticatefirst Instagram: @authenticatefirst Twitter: @authfirst Tumblr: http://authenticate-first.tumblr.com/ Business phone: 574.302.6155 orders@authenticatefirst.com #chanel #balenciaga #hermes #louisvuitton
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