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24 November 01:20:56
#offToGrandpas #handsomeMan #happyThanksGiving off to grandpa rays house! Grandpa ray specifically demanded his granddaughter and grandson showed up for dinner!!! Nuggets grandpa number 3! Nugget and penny lane are so blessed to have so many people that adore them!!! Then again, they are the coolest kids ever!! Who wouldn’t want to talk and be around them like ALL THE TIME!!!? Lol #bestBoyEver #productOfMe #myBoy #iMadeThis #canYouBelieveIt #heIsPowerful He’s so powerful, he caused me to change my life completely. He’s so powerful, he makes me stop everything to just be with him, to make me grind hard, work hard and make him my number one priority in life! He has power that makes me go insane, makes me fight, and kill for him!!! Power that makes me NO LONGER give a hot damn what people think of me. Cuz fact is, he is the amazing boy he is cuz of the power he has on me EVERYDAY!!! Nothing comes before him.. #thatsPower #nuggetPower #nothingComesBeforeHim #myPower