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12 December 01:50:44
#allherlifeiwillfight By the time Kennedi hits Kindergarten I will be making enough money to bail myself out a time or two. #jesusbeafence I didn t have to fight in school I was taller than everyone and my hands have always been big. No body tried it and no one can ever tell you my ass was whooped or they bullied me! And my daughter will be the same!! GOD WILLING!! RIP TO THIS BABY!! GOD PLEASE LET ME GO FIRST!! I NEVER want to feel this pain!

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30 November 21:14:04
I’ve debated on whether to post this for weeks. It kinda feels like jumping on the bandwagon and it kinda feels like a sick cry for attention. But today it mostly feels like truth. My story isn’t remarkable and falls under naive, insecure girl taken advantage of by someone she looked up to and trusted. It blew up my life and changed its’ trajectory completely. Today, I’m ok with that. But it would be interesting to see where that other path ended up. So why post this? Because, it happened to me just like it happened to more women I know than it didn’t. Because now I know better. It wasn’t the price I should have had to pay for being female. It shouldn’t have been the “norm”. It shouldn’t have a joking matter, a secret shame, a humiliation I carried for years. I wasn’t “forced” to do anything, but I was played, groomed, emotionally blackmailed and manipulated until it wasn’t my choice either. In solidarity with brave women and especially to change the culture so this ends now, because I don’t want the girls I love to ever think that her body/ mind is a toy to be played with. Eliminate the culture where women don’t own there bodies and the world rises. #metoo
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