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19 October 14:46:01
#METOO I wish I could say that I only have 1 story in my life where I have experienced sexual harassment or assault, but I can t. There are COUNTLESS. I wish I could also say that I know at least 1 woman who hasn t experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault, but I can t. During a conversation with my husband the other day, I told him that our future daughter would be guaranteed to be sexually harassed & sexually assaulted in some form throughout her life. GUARENTEED. I felt sick as soon as the words left my mouth. I will not be able to protect my own daughter from the monsters of this life. I have failed to protect myself if I m being honest. It s time for all of us to stop accepting & normalizing this behavior. It s time for #change I promise to be a role model to teach my future children & others how a woman should be treated. I will have open & honest dialogs about this & not feel ashamed or afraid of what people might say or think about it. I m done being polite & shrinking when someone violates me or someone else verbally or physically. It starts with me. #howiwillchange #nomore #notmydaughter #notmyson #metoo #standup #speakup #sayitloud