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#jestofunk #loveinablackdimension Love In A Black Dimension was Jestofunk first album originally released in 1994 and Is still their most successful album ever. After the excellent worldwide results achieved by the first two singles, I m Gonna Love You and Say It Again the formidable production team (Claudio Moz-Art Rispoli, Alessandro Blade Staderini and Francesco Farias) decided to produce their first full Album and thinking about a great singer that could feature and give voice to their songs decided to get in touch with one of the most important House Music vocalist of that period, Mr CeCe Rogers. The Single that was first released to launch the album was Can We Live , sung by Cece, and immediately became a hit in all the clubs around the world and at the same time establish itself as a classic of the genre. Jestofunk moved in directions unprecedentedly experimented, styles like the fusion between Funk And House Music, contaminated with Acid Jazz, a genre that was going very strong during those in years. Acid Jazz became very Popular, thanks to artists such as Incognito and Jamiroquai. In the album, besides the three singles mentioned, other big dancefloor tracks featured, like that splendid version of Donny Hathaway s The Ghetto, with Fred Wesley and his magic trombone solo, which is still one of the cult songs of the Worldwide Acid Jazz scene. #acidjazz #electronic #funksoul #jazzdance #albumoftheday #music #instamusic #nowplaying #nowspinning #nowlistening