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23 June 21:27:11
as i lay on a hospital gurney, in an emergency room in brooklyn, i wonder... is this how my story ends? born in brooklyn and raised in brooklyn... i ve always feared one day i d die in brooklyn. dear lord, fyi... i have a much better ending planned. but i must thank you for my life thus far, i must thank you for all of my many many blessings. i ve accomplished so many of my dreams, fulfilled wishes i never knew i had and travelled to places i never imagined existed. i ve had more than my share of love, laughter and adventure. my point is, lord, is this how my story ends? in an emergency hospital room in brooklyn with no one by my side? i am reminded of the book of job, naked i was born into this world, and naked i shall return. the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. blessed be the name of the lord.
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