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20 September 05:06:13
A dear sister sent me this old photo yesterday - Embodying the spirit of the Notting Hill carnival in 1995 - after my long stay in south east Asia - it was a time of integration and celebration - to come back to my roots and face what I might have been running away from. But really I was running to find myself, and that I felt I did very well, with the help of Mama Thailand and Mother India. I left a big piece of my heart in both of those wonderful countries because so much healing took place there, so much awakening and self-realisation - partly thanks to the studies I undertook in meditation, Buddhism and yoga, partly the dancing and the relationships and a big part thanks to Mother Nature and God s Grace. I ve been walking this healing path for almost three decades and I am constantly humbled by all that I see and all that happens in this incredible life... The mystery continues to unfold and as each day passes I grow more and more grateful for all the blessings... Giving thanks for my beloved family and friends, students, my work, this beautiful planet and the gift of consciousness in this human body. Giving thanks for all the lessons, all the growth and the sweetness of love in my life. I give thanks for all the opportunities to share my gifts, talents and heart in the way I know how to... And am also calling up the courage and strength to transcend my fears to learn new talents in the coming years. May we all keep growing, and continue to share what we can to help make our lives more harmonious, more joyful, more aware and to take care of all that we have been given, or perhaps lent. There s so much work to do but slowly, slowly, one step at a time... No rush... Go easy... Present with every breath. We can do this. We are doing it. As Yogi Bhajan said - keep up and you ll be kept up and Gandhi - live as though you might die tomorrow, and study as though you might live forever . Giving thanks for great teachers and the enlightened ones, past and present. ✨🙏🏻✨ sending love to all my relations ❤️
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