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The ebb and flow of time. Of life. Of good times and bad. Sometimes we need to let go of mistakes made, of wrong words chosen, of opportunities missed. With great choice comes great responsibility. Carpe Diem! Is the fear you hold within your mind worth the consequences it shall have on the quality of your life? The more vulnerable we become the deeper the roots of who we are become.
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When an individual lacks emotional intelligence they say things and act in ways that destroy opportunities to build relationships with colleagues and customers. Such a person s actions creates and escalates conflicts in the workplace. This behavior impacts negatively on organizational performance and results. Unknown to such an individual, he or she is sabotaging their career or business success.
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Home Exercises for Lower Back Health - Whether you have lower back pain, or not, I would recommend adding these exercises to your workout programme! Prevention is always better than cure! - Hip Hinge, helps to take the stress of the lower back by grooving correct movement mechanics and loading the hips. Keep three points of contact (head, upper back and bum) on dowel (broomstick handle, wooden dowel etc) and push the hips backwards keeping all three points of contact. If a point comes off, you ve lost form and try again. Keep the knees soft and you should feel a big stretch in the back of the legs. Push into the floor and use the legs and glutes to bring you back up, squeeze the glutes hard for two seconds! - Glute Bridge, helps the glutes to produce hip extension over the low back. Push lower back into the floor, squeeze glutes and drive hips to the ceiling. - Bird dog, seperation of the limbs from the trunk. Can you move your legs without using the lower back? Keep the tummy tight and try to stay level in the hips and shoulders. Push out rather than up! - Deadbug hold. Increase core stability and strength. Deadbug position, push lower back into the ground to really feel the stomach muscles and hold in this position. If the low back is off the floor you re not doing it correct! - Quick overview of the exercises and I ll break these down in further detail with demos over the week. These are just a few exercises but simple and easy and can be done at home! Give them a try!