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17 October 11:10:12
💕Questions to Help You Get Serious About Success💕 _ 1) Do your thoughts and actions support the life and business you desire? _ You can have the best made plans, and the biggest dreams, even the talent to carry it off... but if your daily thoughts and actions aren t in line with what you aspire to create, it won t happen. _ 2) Are you creating more than consuming? _ This is so very familiar to me! My favorite form of resistance is student mode. I love learning and am curious about everything. BUT, if you are so busy taking in information that you are not creating content and products and putting your own creative perspective on what you have to offer, nothing happens. _ 3) Are you using your energy on things that move you forward or on things that hold you back? _ It can be so very easy to get caught up in the busy work of a business, or even the details of your life, and feel as if you are making progress. But if you are spending your energy on the wrong things, you are simply spinning your wheels and holding yourself away from the success you desire. _ Ready to Rock the rest of October? Take a moment to take stock of where your attention and energy are taking you...👊🌟🙌💕

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17 October 11:09:29
Волгоград!!! 20 октября! Врежем рок с Найком Борзовым!!! @naikborzov @timmy_guitars @korneimusic !!! Ждём всех желающих! Будет космический отрыв, хиты, рок и лошадка!!!;)
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