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🌹 Infuse your bath time ritual with therapeutic minerals and the healing powers of Sacred Bath. When dissolved in hot water, Epson Salts, Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Salts are absorbed through the skin to deliver essential minerals needed for optimal health. β€’ These salts also help to flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells. Sacred Bath soothes, relaxes and relieves sore muscles and sensitive skin, while the aromatic organic herbs work to soften the skin. This enchanting ritual will harmoniously relax the mind, body and soul. β€’
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Sacred Earth is one of our best sellers and is currently our only facial mask. This super star product works amazing for all skin types, but we no longer want this to be our lonesome mask. A lot of you have been asking for hints for the new products we re launching... so I ll just tell you πŸ˜‰ 3 of the 4 new products are facial masks - an antioxidant mask (we ve had A LOT of requests for products for sun damage), brightening mask (for dull skin) and a calming mask (for sensitive skin and rosacea). These masks will help fill the voids that our line currently has, making you and your skin even more beautiful than you already are πŸ’œ

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Mask Mixing Tips :: Sacred Botanicals Hibiscus Facial Exfoliant should look like this when properly mixed with water. If not enough water is added, which tends to be the biggest mixing mistake that people make, it will turn clumpy and won t do its job as efficiently. Adding a little more water than what seems right is best. This mask works best when it s wet, but once it has dried, it will stop working its magic. The longer it stays wet/damp, the better. To use Sacred Botanicals: mix the Exfoliant as shown above and rub onto your face and neck in circular motions to lift the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Allow this Exfoliant to sit, as a mask, for 10 minutes to allow time for the natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids to work. Say hello to your newly smooth and brightened skin!