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19 October 20:21:45
Yup I spelt it wrong 🙈🙈🙈This is what happens when you don t pay attention, sound it out, only to realize AFTER filming that it s actually spelt wrong LOL. I facepalm 🤦🏻‍♀️…But ah well! Posting it anyway because the results are still
#mesmerizing and I want to share with you this new mix! 🖤💙✨ (Watch till the end! 😄) . I recently (and by recently, I mean yesterday 😂) got the Higgins Eternal ink and I absolutely LOVE it. I ve always used Sumi ink but decided to try something new after many recommendations. While Sumi ink is highly pigmented, Higgins Eternal is way more diluted and easy to mix with other mediums such as finetec and pearlex. It s much easier to achieve thin hairlines. One downside, although trivial, is that it doesn t dry with a nice shine like Sumi does. I ll have to update my blog with this new product 😊 . Ink: Higgins Eternal + True Blue Pearlex Filmed in #realtime 🎬 . #mesmerizing #satisfyingvideos #oddlysatisfying #calligraphyvideo #letteringvideo