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13 November 23:11:57
Snack. Man, I always love some dark chocolate 😍 I ve realized that lately I ve been avoiding it somewhat unintentionally, because I ve been so focused on eating larger amounts of low-calorie foods rather than small amounts of high-calorie foods. I m the type of person that usually prefers volume over taste anyways, but I decided to indulge in this little dark chocolate square this afternoon! (50 cals) #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #edrecovery
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13 November 23:11:28
Bad body image days exist for everyone, for people with eating disorders and body dysmorphia it s worse. My bad body image days have me wearing sweatshirts and oversized sweaters even when it s 90 degrees outside. I panic and cry and sometimes wish I were dead instead of being stuck in this body. On these days I feel trapped inside a body that isn t perfect and won t cooperate with me. . . I have hope that these days will become less intense. That maybe one day I ll be comfortable in this imperfect body. It s hard and sometimes I feel like I ll be like this forever. It won t, deep down I know it won t but I fear it will. Have hope you guys🌼❀️
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13 November 23:11:19
Salam all! It’s been exactly 8 days since @nycmarathon 🌟 Annnd it’s
#medalmonday so thought I’d do quick race recap of that day! I talked already about pre #marathon details ob my last post. But haven’t touched base on actual #run itself. #tcsnycmarathon entrance is via lottery. I was denied for 3 yrs in a row! It’s also huge #charity marathon. Alhamdulillah I got in this year and was ecstatic to finally run my forth #worldmajormarathon 🌟 I totally underestimated how hilly this marathon was. Harder them #Boston I actually performed better in @bostonmarathon on an 80 degree day! 😬 The inclines are sneaky and plenty The last 5k in #centralpark were my favorite part of the #marathon! πŸ—½ As well as the ferry ride to get to #statenisland The five Burroughs were indicated as you enter them and honestly didn’t feel very different then #running in any residential, street run. Overall I would say the marathon was overpriced and overrated at times 😣I would say though that the amount of finishers, around 50,000, 139 countries represented,the medal, (which is one of my favorite), and expo (not as nice as Berlin or Paris marathon expo), is what makes it a @wmmajors marathon. The post run fleece insulated poncho is really nice! I choose poncho instead of gear check at the end. I’m so glad I did as it was raining/drizzling the whole day 🌧 Poat #run food was disappointing. All they give u is @gatoradeendurance shake, and an apple. The bag itself is reusable. Chicago had offered much more variety of food in your bag. But that’s not major concern for me as I can’t eat post marathon til after an hour or so. I just think, however, that all the time and money I spent I could’ve ran an international marathon 😏 not much scenery at all except for first bridge and #manhattan Same with #boston Zero scenery. it’s the crowd and prestigious event that draws ppl to it. I’m glad it’s done and enjoying my free to do as I wish (in terms of working out) #recovery period which is essential to repair all micotears involved when running #longdistance πŸ’ͺ🏽

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13 November 23:10:13
😴 Feel like you ve hit a brick wall today? Whether it s the weather changing, too many workouts (huh?) or due to a mid-air collision with a disgruntled defender, take some time out to refresh. β€’ But I don t have time (whingy voice). Yeah, yeah, whatever - you do. Doesn t have to be much - go for a walk (with no iPhone), read a magazine, re-do the manky nail polish πŸ’…πŸΌ β€’ Life is so busy, we just need to sit still sometimes. πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ β€’
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13 November 23:10:02
Keeping in the spirit of remaining faithful to my most important partner in this journey called Life, myself, I decided to take myself on a date. I walked myself slowly to sushi, admiring the bounce of my curls and the switch of my hips to the beats in my ears. Before sitting down for lunch, myself and I stopped to get flowers for each other. I chose a bouquet with sunflowers as the main focus, knowing how much they bring a smile to my face at the mere sight of them. I sat with myself enjoying cut rolls and simple sushi while reading Harry Potter, feeling at complete peace with my own company. After me and myself paid for our meal we decided what better way to end this date than with my favorite dessert: apple pie a la mode. I walked myself home afterwards and hugged myself tight at the door, loving that I could invite myself inside and even upstairs into my room without risking abandonment when I had to leave for work. I speak a lot about finding things of permanence, things that stay and never change. For years I have searched for the one who excited me beyond reason, who loved me in spite of my imperfections, who would never suddenly decide I was not the one and today I found that person. That thing that stays: it was me all along. #selfie #selflove
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