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[图文分享] 韩国网友对“军舰岛”海外票房的感想 (中字翻译) [Pictures & Text Sharing] Korean Netizens Shared Their Point Of View Towards The Battleship Island Worldwide Box Office (Chinese Sub) Here are the translation of their comment (based on Chinese Translation): [“The Battleship Island” is favoured by the overseas viewers, and Song Joong Ki is one of the reasons. Unlike local (Korea) viewers who mainly watched the movies for critics, the movie has received a lot of good reviews in overseas. The movie had monopolised the screen when it first opened, but then the screens were reduced and the show times had been adjusted to midnight. I’m speechless with the system of the local cinemas. Now we need to further check the show time if we want to watch the movie. The movie lost its power here in Korea, but it’s great that the movie has received a lot of good reviews in overseas, as it deserves it.] [The movie is now screening in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia and it has received good reviews in these countries. Cheers for “The Battleship Island”!] [Hope it receives good reviews in overseas] [Hope the movie is doing better in overseas] [It’s indeed Song Joong Ki] [“The Battleship Island” had made new record in the countries of America and Asia. “The Battleship Island” also tells the world that as the “hell island”, Hashima Island is not qualified to be listed as World Cultural Heritage. Fighting, actor Song Joong Ki!] #songjoongki
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@Regrann from @chaaannnti - Cieee gandengan~~~~ wkwkwk udh bebas gandengan😂😂😂😂😂 . . Seseorang melihat 2 cewe. Yg satu tinggi dan yg satu mungil. Mereka ngobrol brg dan ternyata yg tinggi itu CJW. Tapi blm ngeh yg mungil siapa. Lalu pas dia liat si mungil ini gandengan tangan sama cowo pas keluar. Dan ternyata cowonya adalah SJK dan si mungilnya adlh SHK 😄😄😄😄 . . @Regrann from @mysongsongcouplezone - Fans spotted SSCP with Choi Ji Woo.. At first fans saw a tall girl was hugging with a relatively a petite girl and chatting.Then fans realized that tall girl is Choi Ji Woo but fans didn t take notice at who is the other girl.. After that fans saw that girl was holding hands with a guy while coming out.. And fans noticed that guy is SJK..Fans was so regretted afterwards when realized that was actually SHK 😍😍 . D-69 SongSongCoupleWedding . Thanks to SSCP comrades @shinyeechiok_xoxo for sharing 😘 .
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