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Without struggles and challenges in your life, your not going to make mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn. If you don’t learn, you won’t grow. If you don’t grow, then you are not a human who wants to better themselves. If you don’t want to better yourself, then you will stay the same. Only things that are constantly changing will grow into something beautiful and strong.
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#squatsaturday feeling pain when squatting. I hope this helps a bit. #Repost @squat_university Today we re going to discuss exactly how you may develop patellar or quad tendon pain. Basically any unexpected loading on your tendons can triggers them to become “reactive” and start to thicken as they attempt to handle the stress of training. At this time you may experience pain as well as a small amount of swelling around the tendon. 👎🏼 . Chances are, if you have patellar tendon or quad tendon pain that JUST started after a single training session or after a few days of hard days of training in a row, your tendons are in an early “reactive” state. 👊🏼 . If however, someone continues to train past this point of reactivity, the tendon will enter the 2nd stage of “disrepair” as it continues to thicken in an attempt to heal itself. If proper steps are not taken to address the injury at this time, your injury will worsen and become a big problem.❌ . So how do we protect ourselves from having this kind of pain? Simple, you can ensure your training doesn t include tremendous jumps or fluctuation in intensity, volume or frequency. If you are an athlete that trains aggressively 5+ days a week and go on a small week or longer vacation, make sure you ease back into training once you ve returned (don t just jump back into lifting 90%+). If you only lift 1-2 days a week right now, jumping directly to an intense 5+ days a week or more plan may be too aggressive. Make sure the amount of weight you re lifting on your new additional days of training is light at first as your body acclimates to the greater training demand you re placing on it. ✅ . The next few days we ll be covering how to address patellar and quad tendon pain from a rehab standpoint. I ll demonstrate a few ways you can kickstart your healing process & get your training back on track. If you d like to skip ahead and watch the full 12 minute video on this topic, check out the YouTube video linked in my bio 📲 . Big shout out to @3d4medical for their amazing visual you saw today from their “Complete Anatomy”.🙌🏼 _____________________________________ #Squat #SquatUniversity #Powerlifting #weight

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I love our weekend adventures into the unknown... ❄️ They always seem to brighten our spirits and leave lasting memories that forever change us. ✨ I’m blessed! ♥️ . . . .
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