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23 June 01:48:09
@Regrann from @the_emilycharlotte - I ve been thinking a lot lately about what the hardest part of bettering myself is. First of all, I have to force myself to drink water. I m not kidding y all, I h-a-t-e-d drinking water at first and it s getting easier but I still probably don t consume enough daily. Then there s the cliché excuses that I make for myself daily to not push as hard as I should. Sometimes it s not physically working out that s hard--its making yourself develop the mindset to go to the gym at all. Routine is key. But the hardest thing of all is loving myself through it all and not comparing myself to others. There s gonna be men and women that are further ahead than you and that s okay. Don t let that discourage you, let it motivate you. Love. Yourself. All. The. Time. You deserve it. •
#worldgymnwa • • • Please ignore my desperate need to go tanning. Happy Sunday. Remember--do it for the booty! 🍑💖🤙🏼 @worldgymnwa #worldgymnwa #fitfam #sundayfunday - #regrann