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This is team 10 chapter 2 Dobre- cool dude! Everyone started joining team 10 the usual members who are in team 10 right now they did videos lit videos they were a family until something happened in February.. Jake- Alissa why are you doing this?! Alissa- I’m doing nothing!! They had fights everytime now :(.. Alissa- why are you smashing every girl do you think I can’t hear that?! Jake- I’m not!! Alissa- don’t lie!!!!! Jake- you!! I love you Alissa why would I?! Alissa- I loved you too! But why can’t I bring any dudes to the house yet you can bring girls?! Jake- I’m kicking you off team 10!! Alissa- GOOD! I’m leaving team 10!!! Tessa- no!.. jake why no stop her! Jake- no Tessa it’s for the better I’m sure you all are sick of us fighting..we fight almost every day bro Tessa- I know but. Jake- no buts Tessa you can go with her if you want bye Alissa.. Alissa- I’m not going yet. I have to wait to get my apartment Jake- be out by tomorrow or I’ll throw all your stuff down the stairs Alissa- you’re such a d*** head Tomorrow morning Alissa hasn’t moved out Jake- hey can we change the pass code for the door ? People - yes it’s now changed Jake- to? People - 4114 Jake- thanks Martinez twins- what’s re you doing Jake? Jake- I warned Alissa if she doesn’t move out by tomorrow she is out and throwing all her stuff down the stairs Jake throws her clothes Martinez try’s to stop jake Martinez- jake stop!! Jake- nooo! Jake breaks down and Crys -

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(Messed up cover🤷🏼‍♀️) Chapter 33: [plot]-takes place right after last chapter,Erika and Jake are still in the office. Erika:I think we should just be friends Jake:what why?!? I thought you believed me, I thought we were good Erika:no we are good,and I do believe you,it’s just I’m only here for 12 more days and I’m not going to be back for at least a few years.i like you but I don’t think we should get any deeper in this, it’s just going to hurt more when I leave. Do you really want to be with me anyway? Your Jake Paul you could get any girl you want, it would never be easy with us. *jake laughs* Erika:what? Jake:you don’t get it your not just any girl your the girl. Ever since the day I met you I didn’t just want to be friends.i don’t care if we have 1 year, 12 days or 1 hour I want to spend it with you. Erika:but Jake: but what Erika, would you really rather end it now never knowing what could have happened if you just waited or would you rather let yourself fall for someone and let things happen Erika:I don’t like being heartbroken Jake: heartbreak is enviable,is that really an excuse Erika:so what are we going to do. Jake:make the 12 days count Erika: they better Jake:they will Erika:what are we going to do Jake:I’ll figure it out (Comment+like💙) #erikacostell #jerika #team10 #jakepaul