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12 November 22:10:20
“ The first man I loved
told me that no one else would be able to love me
that no one would be able to handle my mood swings
my carelessness
my insecurities The second man I loved
told me that I was too much
too loud
too absentminded
too easygoing
too free
that if I didn’t pin myself down I could never truly be happy So
for the first man
I settled
I stayed
he left bruises on my arms and tears down my face
but no one else would ever be capable of loving me
so I had no choice For the second man
I changed
I laughed less and I cut my hair and I shut myself into his tiny world
but I would not truly be happy otherwise
so I had no choice The third man I loved 
came by surprise
after I had let go of all of the pain of my past
after I had finally learned to live happily
to accept myself
to give without expectation and to laugh too much and to follow my heart and to go wherever the wind decided to take me Well
the third man 
he knows every broken piece of my soul
my free spirit
my inconsistent mind
all of my deepest insecurities
he knows how I hate the thought of being constrained
so he lets me fly
he kisses all of my wounds and puts tiny flowers behind my ears and makes my eyes water from laughing so hard
he takes me as I am
and he loves all the parts of me
and I am free ” m. a.