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Instagram photo 2017-09-18 16:13:32

18 September 16:13:32
I sat down to organize some photos from earlier in the trip and found this classic shot of @benwhitey @bcbedouin and @gobczak. We were all in
#PiedraParada #Argentina slowly making our way south to #ElChalten and #Patagonia I suddenly realized none of them had seen Rolo s incredible guidebook to the area. I think their facial expressions perfectly capture the emotions we have all felt when thumbing through these pages for the first time. . Of course @bcbedoin would go on to break his ankle while the rest of us would suffer through terrible weather in Patagonia but this before shot captures the pure inspiration that leads us into these wild places. Its all part of the journey. I am stoked to go back. . . #climbing #climbing_photos_of_instagram #alpinism #vidapatagonia