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27 September 07:44:09
Acknowledgement of Country Every day we start and finish our Nature Kindergarten program by coming together as a community around our ‘gathering circle’. Before collectively deciding what we d like to do for the day we begin each morning with an ‘Acknowledgment of Country.’ “I’d like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Noongar people of the Whadjuk nation and pay my respects to Elders past and present.” Reconciliation starts here! Little Learners EDEC - Guiding the stewards of the future!
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12 July 03:08:12
Congratulations to the four winners for the MRA design competition: Damien Lim, Bai Dang, Anika Kalotay & Serena Pangestu! Also pictured is Shivan Bhatia from Fielders (left), Eden Shepard from MRA (centre) and Stewart Wimmer from AWS/Aluminium Innovations (right). The MRA competition involved developing proposals for wayfinding and Whadjuk place mapping for the Perth Cultural Centre precinct. The integration of Whadjuk stories through functional amenity is a great opportunity to extend the cultural footprint of the Perth Cultural Centre as well as showing MRA s commitment to supporting positive Aboriginal outcomes throughout their projects. The winners from the UWA School of Architecture worked in partnership with artist John Walley to develop their proposal, titled Songlines , and was ranked highest for their design response, response to environmental context and for the integration of John Walley s Whadjuk spatial mapping.

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05 July 12:34:55
Spent this afternoon at
#wadjemup #rottnestisland on a #walkingtour, learning about indigenous heritage pre and post arrival of Europeans. Ezra was an amazingly patient, knowledgable guide. I felt pretty lucky to have been able do the walk - it s not on the regular schedule of guided tours, and is only on this week as part of #naidocweek events. If you get the chance please check it out - there s another tour on Friday. To the #rottnestisland authorities, please add it to the regular schedule, it s a whole other perspective that visitors are currently missing out on. #noongar #whadjuk #westernaustralia #recognition #healing #reconciliation #blueskies #perthwinter #perthisok

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26 May 04:42:50
Tomorrow begins
#NRW2017 marking 50 years since the #1967Referendum when #Australians voted overwhelmingly to amend the constitution to include #Aboriginal people in the census to enable the Commonwealth to create laws inclusive of Aboriginal people. This was a landmark moment in the history of European settlement of Australia. In 2014 the #ntwa held a #smokingceremony at 57 Murray St to clear away bad memories pressed close to the heart. 57 Murray St is where the Chief Protector of Aborigines for the State, A.O. Neville, had his offices. Neville’s work in the Native Affairs Department controlled the lives of Aboriginal people across #WA #NAIDOC2017

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26 April 01:07:25
Recognition of 19th Century
#SwanRiver woman Fanny Balbuk Yooreel, a Perth resistance fighter, was marked with an inaugural walk with #Elder Marie Taylor, and cultural performance by members of her extended family group at Government House Gardens where her grandmother Moojurngal was buried. This event is part of the @australianheritagefestival ⠀ 📷 @Matthewpoon for the NTWA #ahfwa #havingavoice ⠀

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20 March 07:47:49
Fanny Balbuk Yooreel was a passionate #Whadjuk #Noongar woman who experienced colonisation first hand  in #Perth during the 19th century and today marks the anniversary of her death in 1907. The extraordinary life of Fanny Balbuk Yooreel is a highlight of this year’s  Australian Heritage Festival for the National Trust with its partners @CityofPerth, ARC Centre for the History of Emotions and Department of Aboriginal Affairs. Find details of events to recognise the life of this important and uncelebrated woman with a deep commitment to her land and people at  http://buff.ly/2mjIjzE SLWA 253420PD #ahfwa

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12 February 16:42:56
Words cannot describe how incredible the BOORNA WAANGINY - THE TREES SPEAK event is. AMAZING!!!! so incredible to have been able to witness it tonight. thank you to all the team and volunteers 👏👏always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. Great job uncle Noel Nannup ,sister Karla Hart,uncle Richard wolley ,the Eades family, the pickett family,the Woods family & the many other Indigenous people involved. #perthisok
#savebeerliarwetlands Our beautiful Kings Park was transformed this weekend as sound, light and imagery danced across the treetop canopies. What a memorable experience to celebrate this beautiful land we share. It s on tonight from 8pm. Don t miss out! #piaf #BOORNAWAANGINY #thetreesspeak #perthfestival #kingspark #perthisok #alawayswasalwayswillbeaboriginalland #whadjuk #noongarboodja THE TREES SPOKE 👏👏👏

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28 January 08:04:42
#oneday #australiaday everyone! In #freo watching the set up. I acknowledge and thank the #Whadjuk #Nyoongar people as the traditional land owners. I stand in solidarity with those who work together towards a future of inclusion and respect for this beautiful country. Thanks to the #cityoffremantle for taking these first steps. #changethedate #aboriginalaustralia #australia #multicultural #perth #perthisok #westernaustralia #changethedate #survivalday #InvasionDay #noprideingenocide

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25 January 23:03:37
I wish to acknowledge and honour the First Nations People - the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands. I acknowledge that we stand on sacred ground of the Whadjuk Nyoongar people, and pay my respects to Elders, both past and present. I wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and connection to land, waters, spirit and community. Always was, always will be. #whadjuk #nyoongar #perth
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21 September 06:00:56
TIED UP WITH STRING GLIMPSE // The 50 artists contributing a covert work of art for Tied Up With String are all West Australian but each work in different mediums. We are thrilled to have Alan Muller among the 50. A painter, Alan first exhibited in Perth in the late 1970’s. Since then he has had 21 solo exhibitions. His work is held in national and local collections as well as many private collections. Known for his highly detailed and intricate paintings in acrylic, more recent paintings of the Swan River and surrounding land as Whadjuk country, before English settlement in 1829, acknowledge Whadjuk traditional ownership and skilled land management on a vast scale. You can find out more about Alan at http://alanmuller.com.au/ . For a 1 in 50 chance to buy Alan s box in Tied Up With String , head to http://www.mundaringartscentre.com.au/…/blind-box-tied-up-w…
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