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Instagram photo 2017-06-23 18:42:13

23 June 18:42:13
Marmalade came today and he sadly had a wound under his left ear. I had a good look at it and it doesn t look infected, his fur on that side has all been torn off but he has scabs which is a good sign since it means it s healing, there was a little blood so I wanted to clean it up properly so it won t get infected, got my brother to hold him and I cleaned him, he meowed a bit but was okay. I think he s been in a really bad cat fight, he has claw marks all over his head and ears but they look okay and will easily heal. He also has a red sore looking bum and he was a little droopy with his eyes. But he ate all his food and played with me so he s active and that s the main thing. The next time I see him, if his wound looks worse, I may have to phone to RSPCA, as I sadly can t take him to the vets myself because my parents won t allow it and I don t have the expenses, but if he gets really bad I might just have to. RSPCA always say to take it to your local vet too so they may not even come for him. I want RSPCA to be my last case scenario as they could easily put him down. He doesn t look in pain which is good but only time will tell. Please pray for poor Marmalade the stray cat and that he heals up good and gets healthy again.
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