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12 December 06:49:37
We forgot to set our alarms, rushed off to school and daycare, fought to get to the end of the day, played Mama Monster, accidentally did the laundry with a dirty diaper🙈, rewashed the laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, did all the dishes, folded the rewashed laundry, designed two books for Christmas orders, unpacked boxes upon boxes of portraits and Christmas cards, drank some wine and called it good at 12:30 am. Some days just feel harder than others, but these two never know it and I love that.
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12 December 05:05:30
Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you This is me, almost every night, with my notebook, laptop and in my home office working hard to take my clients and followers to the next level. I get in the kitchen every week designing healthy recipes and coach people to success on a daily basis. Not everyone can handle this life, but I live for this! It s takes heart to stick it out no matter what. Everyday isn t always a good one but God always reminds me why I started. 🙌🏽 The world needs to reach optimal health and I m here to make a difference. Grinding all the time to make this program shine. 💪🏽
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12 December 04:23:42
This book y all. I am still so thrilled with how it turned out...the crazy tight deadline, the design-heavy 140 pages, and the multiple versions (printed PLUS a fixed-layout eBook and downloadable with extra features). An added bonus? The author was a fabulously dreamy client. . It s a great example of self-publishing done well. When an author knows that professional editing services and high-end design services will push their book to the level that impresses their audience. . Writing a book? OR...wrote one during
#NaNoWriMo? Get in touch! I ve got a referral list for of excellent editors and book development coaches. AND you can grab a spot on the 2018 calendar for custom book cover design. | Book designed by #LisaVdesigns | tap for more of the #LVDportfolio and #LisaVdesignsBooks

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12 December 03:55:30
THANK YOU, world changers! I m so excited about all the lucky winners! They got some great prizes and provided hope to our talented
#artisans!!! There s still time to receive ANY ITEM of your choice for 50% off if you want to be a part of creating a #flourishingworld by hosting and gathering your friends for a girls night in the Spring (we will all need it after the holidays)! Contact me to claim :) Or you can still shop for Christmas delivery until tomorrow---> #noondaystyle #handmade #fairtradefashion #fairtradejewelry #fairtrade #jewelry #style #fashion #boho #bohemian #stylemadewithlove #styleyourfriendschangetheworld #worldchanger #shop #shopfairtrade #shopwithpurpose #shopsmall #shoplocal #empowerwomen

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12 December 03:45:30
I completed a random act of kindness a few weeks back and it entered me into a draw from Durham Community Foundation to be eligible to win $500 to donate to a charity of my choice. 🤔 And I WON!! 🏆 On Friday I was lucky enough to have the honour to select Community Care Durham (COPE) to receive $500. 💵 COPE is helping some many people struggling with their mental health. I am so beyond grateful to have this opportunity!!!!! 💖💖💖 How will you change the world with your acts of kindness ? • • • 🎁🎄💖 KIND CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE -Day 8 💖🎄🎁
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12 December 03:45:29
I’m not the perfect Christian, and to be honest with you I never will be. We always seem to set such high standards for being a Christian. Read your bible. Go to church. Don’t sin. It all seems to pile up and create this load that can never be lifted. But Jesus (oh how sweet it is to hear his name and think of all the wonders he did for us), Jesus came down for us. He came down because he knew we are far from perfect. He came down so that we may experience forgiveness and love amidst all of our flaws. You are never ever ever too unholy to come to Jesus. You are never not enough. Jesus wants you. He wants your your imperfect, he wants your flaws, but most importantly he wants to know you. He would rather have a conversation with you than see you trying your hardest to be the best Christian you can be. So come to him, flaws and all, and experience the sensation of letting go of the weight of being the perfect Christian and instead dwell in him and his oh so perfect love!

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12 December 03:17:49
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12 December 02:50:22
My first born. He’s a tornado. He reminds me so much of me - only I’ve learned to hide it because I’m supposed to be a “grown-up”. Grown-Ups are boring. I hope nobody ever crushes his free spirit. I want him to be a different kind of grown-up. Less of a well-behaved kind of grown-up and more of a take the world by storm kind of grown-up. 🌎🌪 • •
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12 December 02:44:14
This weekend I received my confirmation email. I officially ranked up to Platinum! Woohoo! Unless you are already in Young Living, you may be wondering what’s the big deal and I totally understand! What it means is that this 67 year old woman, who spent most of her adult life as a SAHM, started her own business in her 60’s and now has an INCREDIBLE team of just under 1200 folks who kicked butt last month! I couldn’t be more grateful for and proud of them. In November alone this team had sales of just under $107,000. Can you believe it? Believe it! The average Platinum earns a monthly check of about $15K. Since I’m a brand new Platinum mine will be about half that. Not too bad for a woman who completed just a couple of college classes! In YL there are very successful folks who have college degrees & successful folks without one. The point is this. You’re never too old to try something new. You’re never too old to make a difference in your life & the lives of your family, friends & friends who haven’t even met yet. As a stay at home mom, I made a difference in the lives of my children. All 3 of them are now making a difference in THEIR worlds! And I continue making a difference in the lives of others with the purest, healthiest, most affordable & effective products to improve their health & improve their finances by an additional $100 to thousands of dollars each month! I’m a world changer. At 67 I AM a world changer. From 16 to 116, you can be a world changer too. Everyday I wake up with an opportunity to help someone succeed. Want to join me?
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12 December 02:38:50
I had the great privilege of attending the @mercyhouseglobal Gala a couple of weeks ago and I’m still pondering all I heard and saw! I’ve attended this annual event for years now and miracles are indeed occurring! Supporting this organization provides jobs for young mothers that would have no way to care for their babies otherwise! They are given hope and purpose and witnessing even a taste of their joy is beyond inspiring! See how you can help — it will help YOU even more!
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12 December 01:07:31
Sometimes as an introvert, I forget that I’m building a brand. Finding my place confidently in the world of creativity and entrepreneurship, makes me have to go beyond what I think about myself. Face my fears and forget who understands me. Planned my day and made it to @totallytot3 event at the Water Tower, where she reminded me to pose from my toes up and never lose my neck. Cheers to the extroverted side of me, it’s time to come out in 2018!
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12 December 00:43:36
I’m so close to hitting my goal!👊🏻 You all have been amazing and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support ❤️ I’m only $1,100 away from getting the opportunity to meet our Artisans in Guatemala! This is a dream of mine 😍 I have so much respect and admiration for these men and women and would love to be able to tell them that in person! I NEED your help though! I have to hit my goal by the end of the month. So, PLEASE consider supporting our Artisans’ businesses and help give me the opportunity to thank them in person for all of their hard work! 📷 @noondaycollection . . . . . . #noondaystyle
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12 December 00:26:40
Although slavery is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, human traffickers generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by trapping millions of people in horrific situations around the world, including here in the U.S. Traffickers use violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and other manipulative tactics to force people to engage in commercial sex or to provide labor or services against their will. -- . . You hear that? Against their own will. So many times we assume that people sign themselves up to be in the sex industry or the porn industry. When in fact, most people, especially children, were sold into by their very own family. How heartbreaking is that? If you re willing to put yourself in their shoes for just one minute & willing to do the research, you ll be able to empathize & make every effort to fight against it. Fight for their worth. Their dignity. Their freedom. . . . #dressember #makeachange #youcandoanythinginadress #itsmorethanadress #endslavery #justice #hope #worldchanger #dignity

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12 December 00:02:40
Do you know what it s like, to be in a room full of people you know that your visible but they don t really see you? ~Brenda Phillips ⚪️Don t suffer in SILENCE they say.⚪️ Speak your truth even if your voice quivers. ~ Maggie Kuhn If you ain t never been through nothing, you ll never have nothing to talk about. ~Brenda Phillips Memorizing and preparing for my performance on a topic I am secretly passionate about.
#MentalIlness Thank you everyone who encouraged me. This piece is so near and dear to me Thank you so much @touched_by_ta and Courtney Parks for allowing me to debut this piece at your event. I felt it wasn t my best performance but everyone in that room and in the show made me feel other wise. Thank you again for using y all platform to shed light on mental illness in the urban community. I love y all for that. Thank you for helping me conquer a fear of my own 💜 #BSpeaks #BWrites #BResilient #BUnforgettable #grateful #GirlBoss #sheSHIFTSMINDS #sheCHANGESLIVES #InspirationalSpeaker #alwaysworking #blackgirlmagic #makingdreamsreality #WeCare #Mentor #LOVERoftheWORLD #PURPOSE #PASSION #Love #Bspeaks #Binternational #WorldChanger #2017 #Depression #Anxiety #Suicide

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12 December 00:02:30
First snow fall ,oh my gosh my kids they were just doing whatever they wanted. Snow ball throwing and all .I didn t even capture all of them they were so far ahead of me.I bet in their minds they re saying be quite Miss Angela. Safe Walk is going to something else in the morning if it doesn t stop snowing tonight lol .#life #love
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11 December 23:34:57
AT HOME BOOTY + ABS 🍑💪 ~ Happy Monday LPFIT Fam! Here is a little booty & ab circuit for you to do on this lovely Monday! ~ 20 Donkey Kicks (each side) 40 Shoulder Taps (20 to each side, alternate) 20 Fire Hydrants (each side) 20 Plank Leg Lifts (each side) 20 Angled Straight Leg Donkey Kicks (each side) 20 Plank Shifts Repeat for 2-3 rounds!! ~ FREE EBOOK——> go to my website (link in bio⬆️) + wait for the pop-up that says “Sign up to receive updates!” + sign up for my email list 😊❤️ + receive my “Staying on Track During the Holidays eBook for FREE! 🎄 (don’t worry, if you have already signed up for my email list you will receive the eBook as well! 😉)

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11 December 23:14:28
#Repost @kolberg54 (@get_repost) ・・・ The @spartanrace world was introduced to a #worldchanger yesterday at the Centeal Florida Spartan Sprint! Meet “Gabbi” far too often while we attend these kinds of races, and we see people give up after they fail a particular obstacle. Gabbi, had all of the reasons to stop, but he persisted...he persevered, and he overcame each obstacle! Gabbi showed @weareoscarmike and @teambelieve923 what
#ForeverOnTheMove looked like! You could see the fire in his eyes, the will to FIGHT and WIN! At 410lbs he NEVER QUIT! I am astounded by his #heart! #WeAreOscarMike #aroo #spartan #teambelieve #puertorican #obstaclecourseracing #mudrunfun

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11 December 22:12:00
I m super stoked to be an amputee and I m actually really sad alot of pictures of me don t show it off more. I m very saddened that people still find ways to bully and judge each other and with the recent video sent out about a little boy, i
#StandWithKeaton against bullying and any form of hatred. No matter your social standing, everyone is to be loved. I ve experienced bullies in the past and I can personally say that they will say and do anything to tear you down, but always remember that you are stronger and more valuable than you could ever dream. Your quirks are what make you who you are and I am a proud #Amputee , #Artist , #PhysicalDisability , #Daughter , #Friend , #Student , #Dreamer , and #WorldChanger ❤️. Be who you are and stand up for what you believe in. If you see bullying happening, speak up and stop it. Love yourself and love others no matter the differences. xoxo.