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25 September 16:15:58
“Watch This” July 12, 2016 Shaky Trembling fingers. Rocking and swaying. Fibonacci sequences. Some of us are fighting for imaginary ideals. Alchemy, towards reconstitution, Harmony, towards future resolutions. Best efforts, some seek to benefit from our material efforts to alleviate suffering. Listening and engaging in sincere dialogue. Scratching the noodle. Racking our brains. Reading the news as we re riding trains. Discovering marauders pirating humans. Organ harvesting reported in refugee camps. Nation states engaging in routine assassinations. Civil wars looming. Everyday folks losing their patience. So we rise from the earth. Singing and Dancing. Loving and Romancing. Engaging others with fruitful actions. Friendly greetings. So many people speaking. Dialogue enabling understanding. Reason prevails across the land. Wondering and working on escalating efforts for such a world-peace driven environment. Sincere dedication to all. Discrete deeds for the benefit of all mankind. Imagine a world with increasing ranks of people caring for each other.
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