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👑 Title : Peter Leopold Nassau Cowper, 5th Earl Cowper (Born May 6th 1778, Florence - Died July 21th 1837) Artist : John Hoppner (Born April 4th 1758, Whitechapel, London, England - Died January 23th 1810, London) Date : circa 1805-1810 Medium : Oil on canvas Dimensions : 76.2 cm × 63.5 cm (30 in × 25 in) Location : Private Collection 👑 Very nice painting ! ☺ Note : The portrait was probably started within the last five years of Hoppner s life and remained unfinished at his death in 1810; troubled with ill health Hoppner s output at this time was erratic. The Cowper family employed the painter John Jackson (1778-1831) to undertake finishing some of these incomplete canvasses and in this instance he appears to have reduced the original canvas to the standard 30 by 25 inch format and completed the peer s robes accordingly. It seems likely that it was intended as the pendant to the slightly larger portrait by Hoppner of Cowper s wife, Emily which was also finished by Jackson around the same time. Both Sir Thomas Lawrence and James Northcote also undertook portrait commissions of the 5th Earl in his peer s robes, which together with this portrait adorned the walls of Panshanger until the early 1950s. ⬇️😀 What do you think of this work ? Comment below ! 😀⬇️
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Yooooooooo.....your like.....17 today .....17!!! The moment you decided to grace this world with your presence....the Universe knew the world would never be the same ....... I can only imagine how the stars felt letting you go...but I can say .....I appreciate your taste in mothers lol.....I can never thank you enough for choosing me....ME out of all people to sail thru this experience with.... It feels like I can t ever tell you enough how proud I am as the parental unit.... you are the most exquisite spirit I have ever had the pleasure of meeting are humble....patient ....kind and loving.....I don t know what I did to deserve you... There would be no me with out you ......because I didn t know who I was until discovered you .. 💚 Happy Earthday my lil Starseed....✨
#Starseeds #StarChild #OldSoul #YoungMan #BlackBoyJoy #Indigo #CrystalBaby #Empath #MiniMe #MyLilLil #MySun #MyHeart #HappyEarthday #SolarReturn P.s I miss you so very much ...this is the first birthday we havnt been together ....hope you enjoy your gifts

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Shanti Panchal Marine, Off Duty From Frontline (Watercolour on paper 2012). Shanti has strong opinions about the sociological damage that soldiers suffer when returning home from Afghanistan. “There is state support for those who come back wounded,” he says, but many of them, only in their late teens, who return with their limbs intact are disturbed mentally and emotionally and are scarred for life. I wanted to highlight the plight of those young men and their families”. As in many of Shanti’s paintings, there is an autobiographical element here, since two of his sons served in Helmand Province. The off-duty or returning soldier is a theme that has inspired a number of his paintings.