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[ˈtiːbɛt] We wear what we are 🏴

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21 August 08:07:29
Thanks for supporting us the last years. We got in touch with so many awesome - people & personalities we even found new friends on this journey. TBET has been always a mindset and we start it 2009 because we loved it to designing and to photographing all the time - the fact to sell collections never really fit to us completely. And that s why we lost our passion and momentum on it. We have a small amount of unprinted shirts that we will give out in the next weeks for free. Special thanks to @3to2 (thanks for your awesome shots!) also @m.visuals @tymcnee @ickimj @jana_katharina @s_gemella @blattkunst @lenafranzisca @mrscaers @lukihigh @monsieurtim @tulay2015bilal @michelle_deimling @claudinethequeen @vietlouboutin @jo.lm @lexer_official @ithinktaylor ❤️❤️❤️. #tshirt #label #stuttgart #0711 #tbet #limited #streetwear #black #techno #mindset #lifestyle

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07 June 09:35:05
🚨We have closed forever.🚨 Thank you for the past years. For all who have always supported us diligently, since the beginning. Some facts about TBET. 1.) first online store 2008 released - founders were at this time 17 years old. 2.) one of the first T-Shirt labels on instagram in 2011 4.) first fashion online store worldwide who has accepted bitcoin as payment method back in 2011 5.) made over 50 different t-shirt motive. 6.) we loved what we did. Thank you for everthing. #thankyou #bitcoin This account will not die. We will make some changes in the near future.

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23 April 05:29:35
Sunday pirates. #tbet

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16 April 09:24:10
Happy Easter to all ❤️#tbet

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29 March 09:14:42
@lexer_official is wearing the cut33 skull 🙌 #tbet #deep #lexer

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15 February 05:47:16
Danke für euren Support und eure Geduld. Wir arbeiten daran euch bald mit neuen Designs und Cuts zu beliefern. <3 Thank you for your support and your patience. We are working on new designs and cuts. <3 📸 dope pic by @m.visuals #tbet #london #photography #streetwear #street #travel #0711

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06 February 05:38:09
Cut90 Skull Bag - only a few left. #tbet #streetwear #0711

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04 February 10:40:15
We are so quite, cause we are working on our new workplace 👌-patience. #tbet #basement

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27 January 08:48:03
Backprint TBET Skull cu33 🔥 Available on www.tbetwear.de #streetwear #0711 #limited #stuttgart #urban #oversized #outfitfromabove #clubstreetstyle #modishgallery #streetwearfactory