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I'm an Introverted chick that likes things that Introverted chicks like. Books. Quiet. Being alone. Nerdy stuff. (I'm INTJ.) Sign up @ link.

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Sarah (@the_introverted_chick) Instagram photo 2017-09-23 17:46:00

23 September 17:46:00
Introverts try to stay in the No Drama Zone.

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23 September 11:38:42
Yep! Don t call me. Perfect.

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22 September 16:40:03
THIS is MY bubble. Stay out! Get your own!

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22 September 16:39:31
I m not sure any Introverts need this book. We are pretty good at avoiding unwanted conversations. Maybe we could get some new tips. 😁

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21 September 17:44:17
Love it! Such a great feeling when plans are cancelled and you didn t want to go anyway.

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21 September 17:43:55
If somebody never has time for you or treats you as a bother, believe they are giving you a huge sign that they just don t care. People make time for those they care about. Examine how you handle your own relationships, and you will see the truth in this. ❤

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21 September 17:43:33
My internal hope springs eternal that you will STFU. 😁

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20 September 22:12:02
A sentient self-checkout. LOL! (From the New Yorker)

Sarah (@the_introverted_chick) Instagram photo 2017-09-20 22:11:17

20 September 22:11:17
Always. Yep. Wait until they leave the package AND drive away!

Sarah (@the_introverted_chick) Instagram photo 2017-09-20 10:23:58

20 September 10:23:58
Always this or that or that or this. ❤ (@theawkwardyeti)

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19 September 21:47:00
Yep! 😁 But if I say it, I do really mean it. 👍🏻

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19 September 21:46:05
This is so very, very true. The best things in life aren t things!!!