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Urban steeze productions. "16 years young" stay trillest follow me ?😂🤘 Young Plug check out my page please 👊 Idaho born and raised be humble

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16 September 23:25:13
We as car people must watch out for one another, we have to respect people s builds and lives. The car culture brings us together, so we must keep it that way, safety is always a #1 priority. Racing should always be on the track and showing off should be left at the show, money can definitely buy and build us our wonderful whips but they cannot by brains and people s lives, we need to show respect too gain respect, remember the golden rule, treat people the way you want to be treated, those who got injured, prayers out to u guys, get well soon, sorry boise #carsandcoffee #carculture #safe #sad #prayers #cars #carlife #carmeets

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08 September 08:01:33
Miss my riding days, my life has gone down since I stopped......... #mtb #dirtjumper #stress #rad #sponsor #funtimes #dopefresh