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TJ (@tjwoessner) Instagram photo 2017-03-28 18:53:46

28 March 18:53:46
After months off and lingering pains and injuries, some from prior running and mostly lingering due to working on my feet all day, I made myself run 2 miles with no worry of time. I completed it and feel good. Probably be a bit sore in the morning but hey, it s a start. #run #backatit #runitout #runnerscommunity #runner #me #goodday #nottooshabby

TJ (@tjwoessner) Instagram photo 2017-03-19 15:57:06

19 March 15:57:06
Back when I thought I could draw. The wheels actually still impress me. The cabinets are free handed with a ruler for straightening, the bathroom is literally free handed and the face is just that. Haha. Not too shabby I d say. #drawings #me #artisticside #ithoughticoulddraw #nottooshabby #mighthavetotryagain

TJ (@tjwoessner) Instagram photo 2017-03-10 00:48:40

10 March 00:48:40
For the sake of this: why does the face appear when I say "I m dying"? Like what if I was actually dying? I guess to some it could be that funny but seriously?! What did I do to you?!? #ihonestlylaughed #face #emoji #dying #wtf #haha