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12x Latin Grammy Award Nominated Mixer, Recording Engineer and Music Producer. Owner of Watersound Studios, Studio City, CA.

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26 April 03:02:43
The beggining of an idea starts taking shape everytime we begin to mix a song. There are truly a million roads that lead us to a million destinations and the sonic imprint of our personalities is stamped as we weave a web of connecting roads with every piece of equipment that we process the signal with. Sometimes the processing is very subtle yet noticeable, sometimes it is dramatic with an important effect to the rest of the tracks. Dynamic processors have always been an important tool in my arsenal and each one of them has a special way of shaping the envelope of a signal in a way that a magician is able to engage and trick your senses. Equalizers are resonators, I feel vicerally connected to the process of contouring the envelope of the signal and thus helping it stand out in it s own unique way to the rest of the musical elements within a mix. It is guts and glory, victory and defeat, but at the end of the day, when we are able to charm the mixing snake, it s one of the greatest feelings ever! #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #gml8900 #latvia #musicproducer #musicengineer #musicmixer #mixingengineer #popmusic #jazzmusic #indierock #rockmusic #countrymusic #gearslutz #gearporn #audiophile #audioengineer #audioengineering

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22 April 01:50:36
And a Happy Fader Friday to everyone, it s interesting that the most obvious piece of equipment in the studio has eluded my attention and yet it is the centerpiece where everything is summed and assigned. The console began life as an Oram BEQ Console but over the years this has changed almost completely. All of the inputs are line level Based on 990 amps with Jensen transformers. The topology was changed so that there were a minimum amount of amplifiers that the signal goes thru from input to output. We were successful in being able to use only (4) amps from the input all the way down to the summing amps. My whole approach was a conosole that would give you the feeling of drinking a glass of water, clear, transparent with ample headroom and with a wide frequency response. New power supplies were implemented, a solid copper bar for proper grounding was implemented for grounding each module and flying faders were installed along with Audiophile grade wireing from input to output. The monitoring section uses a single amp and it uses stepped attenuators, mercury wetted relays and silver contact switches to make it as neutral as possible. That is why I have a variety of colors within the outboard gear that I ve had the good fortune of collecting and modifying over the years to add that seasoning to each track as I see it fit during tracking and mixing. It took a long time to get here, but the effort was quite worth it! #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #analogconsole #analog #flyingfaders #faderfriday #fader #recordingequipment #recordingstudio #gearslutz #gearporn #musicproducer #musicengineer #recordingtools #mixingtools #musicmixer #audiophile #audioengineer #audiomix #countrymusic #rockmusic #indierock #jazzmusic #popmusic

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21 April 02:11:39
Sometimes we have to say goodbye to equipment that has served us well in the past. I consider it a moral crime to keep things stored for a very long time especially since there are other pieces of equipment that have already come into my life and taken it s place. And this one is a bit tough since it was my first tape machine: A 3M-79. This is a super custom remote control stand that I built in order to incorporate the 3M-79 remote control along with a Sound And Vision remote control that took over the duties of a 3M Sellect-Take remote. Sonically, the M-79 is one of the greatest sounding tape machines out there! Many people have described them as sounding closer to a tube circuit than sounding to solid state circuit. "Thriller" by @michaeljackson was recorded and mixed using two synchronized M-79 s @westlakestudios in @losangeles_city using @dolbylabs "A" noise reduction in tandem with a Harrison Analog Console. I still own a 1/4" and a 1/2" Two track 3M-79 tape machines and I can attest to their wonderful sonic attributes. The weight that they add to the sound is comparable to what an RCA BA-6A compressor does, it s a musical coloration that sounds bigger than the source. These days with the #stephenstapemachine model 821B (which I hope to restore later on this year), this 3M will need to find a new home and continue making some great music. It is my belief that if you do not share what you have, you re gonna live a lonely life. So long my dear analog friend! #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #vintagerecording #indierock #audiophile #jazzmusic #popmusic #3m79 #audioengineer #audioengineering #musicproducer #musicproduction #musicengineer #musicmixer #recordingstudio #recordingequipment #analogtapemachine #analog #analogmultitracktaperecorder

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19 April 01:50:59
The @generalelectric BA-5A Limiting Amplifier, all tube construction from the 1950 s. It featured a short attack time obtained by means of a high-speed bias generator. The initial development of this circuit was done by the Columbia Broadcasting System technical staff. You ll see several similarities with the RCA BA-6A. Rumor has it that quite a bit of the circuit and transformer implementation used on the BA-6A actually came from the GE BA-5A. Notice the BA nomenclature on both units and that rumor steps closer to a tangible possibility. A separate monster of a supply powers this mono beast in all of it s tube regulation unit. At one point, I used to own this unit but alas life and circumstances change and it is now part of the massive equipment arsenal of @devinpowersmusic which I am sure it is being put to great use these days. This great picture was taken by the talented lens of @ogelapix #carloscastro #analog #analogcompressor #tubecompressor #vintagegear #recordingstudio #recordingengineer #recordingtools #musicproducer #musicengineer #gearslutz #gearporn #mixingengineer #musicrecording #countrymusic #rockmusic #popmusic #jazzmusic #audiophile #vintagerecording #indierock

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13 April 01:56:37
Today, I visited @capitolstudios to listen to the second batch of vinyl test pressings for the album "All Heart" by @minajoymusic The album was arranged and produced by @markportmann And executive produced by @adventureswithgg With the #filmharmonicorchestra Under the direction of #adamclemens @bentothmusic on piano accompaniment and @voicetekron Mina s vocal coach along with @pirripe The song that is playing on the video is a composition by famed Czech composer Dvorák from the Opera "Rusalka" called "Song To The Moon" which is part of this double album cut at 45 RPM and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. @groove_house is handling the duplication at a pressing plant in Europe. The album was mastered by Ron Mcmaster. It is always fun visiting Capitol Mastering. Special thanks go out to Ryan for making this session happen. #capitolmastering #carloscastro #markportmann #lisankonoki #minatulchinsky #minajoy #classicalmusic #recordingmusic #recordings #recordingengineer #orchestralmusic #recordingstudio #recordingartist #musicproducer #musicmixer #gearslutz #analog #vinyl #vinylrecords #vinylmastering #testpressing #ronmcmaster

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12 April 02:32:32
A side view of the live room from Sunday s Scoring session where I had the chance to record a 19 piece orchestra at Watersound for the upcomming film #bullittcounty for @mrpicturesfilm The sessions were produced by Dan Blanck @blanckrecords and the music was composed by #joshriedford and #aaronriedford, also in attendance was @lewzealand. The orchestra was conducted by @e.delaguila. A long time ago my good friend #homeropatron once told me that the #orchestra is one of the most noble musical ensambles that there are where each musician has an innate sense on how to balance themselves between each other creating a cohesive sound that resonates with both the human mind and it s soul. For me, there is always a tremendous sense of joy in being a part of projects like this one, especially when the writing and arrangements were as good as they were for this session. I compare these session to being in a bullet train that is running at full speed, the experience is intense and when you step out of the train you do so with a grin and a smile on your face. This is the stuff that good memories are made of. #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #neumannmicrophones #scoringengineer #neumannu77 #neumannkm74 #neumannkm76 #recordingengineer #musicproducer #gearslutz #recordingstudio #recordingsession #recordings #moviemusic #scoring #scoringsession

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11 April 02:33:31
The control room served as the vantage point for this short sample video, showcasing what yesterday s session sounded like, where I had the great pleasure of recording a 19 piece orchestra for an upcomming film titled #BullittCounty for @mrpicturesfilm The sessions were produced by Dan Blanck @blanckrecords and the music was composed by #joshriedford and #aaronriedford, also in attendance was @lew_zealand The orchestra was conducted by @e.delaguila who did a helluva job balancing each section. Everyone in this team did an outstanding job in keeping the session moving. Mics involved included several one-of-a-kind TLM 170 Jubilee Edition, KM-76, U77 s and KM-74 s (All With Watersound s Custom T-Power Supplies). Using Watersound s custom 990c Pre-Amps going to @stagetec_asia. #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #musicmixer #orchestralmusic #scoringsession #filmmusic #audioengineer #audiophile #recordingstudio #recordingengineer #recordingsession #musicproducer #musicengineer #musicmixer #scoringengineer #gearslutz #neumannmicrophones #neumannu77

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03 April 01:09:33
They say that it is in the simple things in life that we get more mileage out of each moment and situation. So I should say that each time I get to use these great EQ s manufactured in the mid 1960 s by WSW which was a subsidiary of @siemens, their apparent simplicity offers me continuous sonic joy. To the naked eye, these look like very crude equalizers with a boost only option on the mid-range. And this is where appearences become deceiving. Underneath this metal panel there lays a system of custom inductors and some of the finest sounding European transformers that to this day are a mystery to those of us who use and respect what those WSW engineers did on the design of each piece of equipment that they manufactured. Sometimes a single click on the 12 KHz shelf is all you need to open up the sound of an instrument and sometimes when working with a sampled synth or a sampled drum, 9db of boost would not be out of the question and it still sounds natural and not phasey. That is what over the years I ve learn to appreciate and value about this old equipment, that a little bit of processing goes a long way. It is the equivalent of a fresh Ice Cream made with natural ingredients vs one out of a supermarket refrigerator. I m not denying that the one from the supermarket does not taste good, but at the end of the day, the flavors of the natural ice cream stay with you longer in a special part of your memory bank where as the one from the supermarket is quickly forgotten after the fact. And isn t one of our goals to achieve memorable experiences?. Everyone works differently, and that ought to be respected. But if you ask me, I value Analog equipment so much because of it s richness in sound (complimented by the use of choice digital tools that have an important place on the table as well). In a few words, these WSW EQ s truly rock! #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #studiostories #recordingsession #recordingengineer #recordingstudio #musicmixer #audiophile #audioengineer #audioengineering #recordingtools #musicproducer #musicengineer #gearslutz #gearporn #countrymusic #rockmusic #indierock #jazzmusic #popmusic #musicmixer

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30 March 02:38:18
Today it was a @ams_neve BCM-10 kind of day. I spent most of the day pre-processing individual EDM synths and source tracks prior to mix-down using both the Neve 1073 EQ s in conjunction with the Neve 2254E compressors directly plugged into the output of the Neve Stereo Buss. I have found this console to be of special help when working on EDM mixes as there is a tendency that the console has (because of the nature of the amplifiers) to round off the peak transients of the source and it helps me maintain a better dynamic control on each individual sound that is processed thru the console. Part of the virtues of the 2254 E compressors is to create a degree of compression that pumps up the low level information of the sound source while further controling it s transients. When you push the input of the 1073 along with the input of the 2254 there are very special things that happen that allows you to further emphasize the harmonic content of the instrument or vocals. In EDM, loudness is of special importance, I find that by getting a good handle on the transients of the music one can compete with those levels by avoiding the destruction of the integrity of the sound without sounding overly pushed. Thank you Rupert Neve! #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #neve1073 #neve2254 #nevebcm10 #neveconsole #vintageneve #analogeq #analogcompressor #gearslutz #gearporn #analogconsole #edmmusic #edmlife #audiophile #audioengineer #audioengineering #musicproducer #musicengineer #outboardgear #musicmixer #recordingstudio #recordingengineer #recordingsession #studiostories

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26 March 01:55:38
Here is yet another example of the wide range of equipment that #quadeightelectronics built during the 1970 s. Spring reverbs were an alternative source of artificial reverb during that era compared to the costly #emt140 plate reverb. Although it would be like comparing Apples to Oranges, Spring reverbs went on to have their own distinguished place within the parthenon of musical applications (especially in Reggae music) where it s sonic imprint can inject an aura of sonic mystery to the music. Today s rare example is no different, The Quad Eight model RV-10 was the only spring reverb that Quad Eight ever manufactured. The only control available is a decay knob that controls the amount of dampening that is applied to the springs. On an application note, this unit acts as sort of a wild horse that takes a bit of taming to be able to gain a better handle on the way that it reacts. I find myself using quite a bit of compression and EQ on the signal that feeds the unit in order to minimize it s boinginess. The end result? Is a thick reverb that has many times, when processed correctly, given me a very similar density and thickness to that of an echo chamber. It is quite unique in it s sound and nine times out of ten is one of those sounds that I reach for while I mix. #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #springreverb #vintageoutboard #musicengineer #musicproducer #audiophile #audioengineer #audioengineering #recordingstudio #recordingtools #mixingtools #mixingengineer #gearslutz #gearporn #countrymusic #jazzmusic #rockmusic #indierock #analogeffects #analogreverb #analog

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25 March 02:20:46
The #cleanupcrue showed up today to lend their voices and good humor to a new project that is being produced by #chriscaswell and #johnlevin with lead vocals sung by @marcusboals #michaelaarvold was engineering today s session where he made use of his custom #pearlmanmicrophones along with some mics. This group of singers are quite talented, not only do can they harmonize but they can easily create some very original cartoon voices and their humor is non-stop. A fun day in the studio is always a good day. #watersoundstudio #recordingengineer #recordingstudio #musicmixer #recordingsession #vocals #backgroundvocals #sessionsingers #countrymusic #rockmusic #behindthescenes #vintagemicrophone #avidprotools @avidtechnology #gearslutz #gearporn #musicproducer #musicengineer

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22 March 01:45:18
The heart of the matter, beyond the exotic faceplates of electronic equipment, therein lay a series of intricate circuits and connections that make the magic of sound happen. It is here where the genius of many people still lives. Some of them are still here on earth, others, like the one featured today are gone, but their legacy, their flashes of inspiration, live on every point of a circuit, within each design and topology of the piece of equipment that they ve helped developed, still breathing today. What you see in this picture is an excercise in simplicity and elegance in sound, these are the custom opamps that give the Stephens 821b tape machine its signature and clarity. John Stephens, considered a mad man and a genius at the same time was the owner of Stephens Electronics, which in my opinion, is one of the most amazing sounding tape machines ever developed. What made it so special?, lets begin with the fact that it utilizes only one amplifier to playback the signal from tape and one amplifier to record it. It is single ended (it has no audio transformers), it has no pich rollers (which over the long run can damage the tape). Go out and listen to @pink_floyd_officiall "The Wall" amongst many other notable and classic albums to get an idea of what kind of sound this machine puts out. By having only a single amp, the clarity and depth of sound are incredible, think of it as a glass of pure water from an undisturbed river stream, it is that notable!. Why you ask?, the more amplifiers a signal goes thru, the more resolution you begin to loose. Now, there are times where strapping (4) pieces of equipment together is exactly what the sound calls for, but, when you re searching for a straight path recording, on a multitrack tape machine, this is definetly on the top 5 of all time. Stephens tape machines will live on. #watersoundstudio #carloscastro #pinkfloyd #indierock #rockmusic #vintagegearaddicts #vintagegear #recordingtools #analog #analogtape #analogmachine #stephenstapemachine #johnstephens #audiophile #audioengineer #audioengineering #vintagegear #countrymusic #gearporn #gearslutz #musicengineer #musicproducer #musicmixer #recordingstudio