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CHS '19
Cleveland Jazz Band and Drumline
Car nerd
Drummer for The Jet Stars
DirtFish rally school trained
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03 April 02:22:27
So I was walking up Bybee and this dude tried to steal an Isuzu Trooper and failed because it was manual. The owner was walking back from a restaurant and noticed a guy sitting in his car. He chased after and I chased after him. The owner tackled the thief and the police cam within 30 seconds. The thief maced the owner in the eye and hit him in the head. He was also a junkie. Definitely going away for a long time! @milojasper #grandtheftautoreallife #grandtheftauto #portland #thief #carthief #junkie #heroinisahellofadrug #thwarted #chase #portlandpolice #sellwood #westmoreland