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willie_g93 (@willie_g93) Instagram photo 2017-02-25 08:26:23

25 February 08:26:23
What s everyone doing to enjoy their Saturday morning? I want to know! I ve got acoustic music, coffee, my dream car, and some dirty ass wheels. #polishup #easymusic #shinysaturday

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24 February 17:52:56
Had to get my #foamfriday in before the day was over!

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24 February 11:39:24
One down? 😥 my back hurts

willie_g93 (@willie_g93) Instagram photo 2017-02-24 10:24:08

24 February 10:24:08
Some face-off wheel cleaning and polishing for @nichols703 today. Enjoying the weather!

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24 February 09:13:20
Slow Friday morning enjoying sunshine and cold brew @threeshipscoffee with pops. @wmgay #landlubber

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14 February 15:51:56
When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. 💪🏼 almost 4 and a half years and I ve only gotten to call you my valentine 4 times now. But I got spoil my queen the other 1,634 days also. (Look it up people, 4 and a half years) Guys, don t wait for one day a year to tell your girlfriend, wife, fiancé, sister, mom, that you love them. Spoil them every chance you get because 90% of the time, they re worth it. The other 10% just make sure to have chocolate in the pantry. #loveyoubabe #happyvalentinesday @paigereadin

willie_g93 (@willie_g93) Instagram photo 2017-02-11 18:08:20

11 February 18:08:20
When you drop a waxing pad on the ground. Do us all a favor, and DON T CONTINUE TO USE IT. Deep paint correction on @fahrings mk3 GTI today. About 6 hours later, got some serious scratches and swirls removed, and then sealed the car to protect from further harm! This car is bad ass! Will save details until it hits the streets...👀 revival video of the all garage build will be dropping soon..