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22 March 03:15:56
This guy, @gnardicles talkin bout no real pictures after the swap. Like what am I, a chopped kidney?

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17 March 21:23:05
Bby girl got the deets today. Today s procedure: 1. Wash 2. Claybar 3. Wash (yes again) 4. DA Polish 5. Hand wax 6. Top coat of spray wax 7. Finishers (glass, tires) #deets #detail #300zx #zociety #scratchbgone relfectiongame #z32

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10 March 12:56:50
Last full day in Ireland involved a wicked castle that Tiffany s grandmother used to play in as a kid. So much history behind these walls! And still standing, not by much, though. Many walls have fallen, some archways collapsed, giving a dark, ancient atmosphere. So cool to be able to find a path in the woods that lead to it so we could go inside and check it out. -Raphoe Castle; circa 1630s #irelandhistory 🏰

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09 March 23:00:01
Through the looking glass 🔭

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04 March 17:48:05
As I sit waiting for my flight to Ireland, which doesn t board for another 3 hours, the realization has been setting in! I m going to one of the most beautiful countries with the most beautiful girl I know! Super excited for this opportunity to spend a week in Ireland with my girlfriend. I ve had a couple people ask, "how do you do that? Isn t that expensive?" It sure as hell is, but everything you do in life is a choice. If you choose to go out and drink every weekend, go to the club and have a good time, buy an expensive car (or car parts; *guilty🙄*), buy new gadgets and clothes or whatever you enjoy, it s all choices you make! If it s what you enjoy, go for it! I m not saying not to. I enjoy traveling with my girlfriend, so you don t see me drinking every weekend, or at a club, or buying all the new and latest gadgets. Most materialistic things are superfluous, and will become outdated soon anyway. I prefer sight-seeing and making lifetime memories with my favorite person in the world!! But don t get me wrong.. car parts are life, too. #🏎 #🛵 #scootscoot

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04 March 17:32:46
Have to repost this bad boy from last year. Still one of my favorites!! #baggedAF #c&cvb