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willie_g93 (@willie_g93) Instagram photo 2017-01-20 08:46:34

20 January 08:46:34
You re lucky I didn t choose any of the pictures of us making weird faces. Happy birthday babe!!!! Love you always 👽❤️😘

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19 January 10:56:59
Reflection game strong 💪🏼. Ask about my full paint correction and fusso application to give your car a real showroom floor shine, with protection that lasts nearly 10 full months with proper care and maintenance. Starts at $180. #betterthanfactoryshine

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16 January 21:21:19
Spent all day today detailing these 2 for a long time Tide parent and her daughter! 2015 Acura MDX and an 04 Trailblazer that is actually being put up for sale! 126k miles with 4wd. And it is obviously CLEAN. #mondaygrind #detailing

willie_g93 (@willie_g93) Instagram photo 2017-01-13 11:48:43

13 January 11:48:43
Rain drop. Drop top. Got the metal flake to really pop. Pop! Used #chemicalguys #butterwetwax for natural caranuba shine and synthetic polymers to help the shine last longer than traditional caranuba waxes. #evo10 #evoxmr #detailing

willie_g93 (@willie_g93) Instagram photo 2017-01-12 15:36:17

12 January 15:36:17
Completely blown away by the results of this new wax from Japan. Also by how bad ass this picture looks with NO filter!! #iphonecameragamestrong

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12 January 15:09:07
#nodamnfilter get ready for the post barrage of my car IG. I paid way too much to import this Japanese sealant but it s results are incredible! #zociety #detailing

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11 January 18:49:07
Headlights look cloudy? This is caused by oxidation of the plastic lens and can cause poor visibility for not only you, But those driving around you may not see you either. Full wet sand to compound, polish, and sealant to make @paigereadin s old headlights shine crystal clear like new again. Message me for any inquiries about detailing your car, pricing, or my procedures! #detailingisfun 🚙

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10 January 18:07:20
Missing warm weather and H20 vibes @betyourassitsbluegrass #slumped