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Songstress. Soul searcher. Day dream believer. Lil' Bill Murphy on 'F Is For Family.' Stop. Hey! What's That Sound? Everybody look what's goin' down 🌼

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13 December 21:25:39
This #halienofthemonth goes to... @iconickk_!!! It s been sweet & humbling to see you at so many shows of mine over the years... & it amazes me to watch you grow into an even stronger, confident, and bold individual! Thank you for being so kind & supportive. Keep doin you, I ll do me, & I ll see ya at the next Philly show... or 3! ;))) 🖤 #haliensrock #goodorbad

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13 December 14:32:15
Just cut off my long natural nails... They ve always been a part of me, even as a kid. As weird as it may sound, it s kinda a big deal for me... But I want to change things up & perhaps learn to play different instruments. We ll see what happens.... I may just grow them back next week haha, but the act of cutting them alone has taught me to take a close look at my life and further open myself up to greater opportunity... having no fear in taking the plunge, while feeling solid in my decision making. I like to find deeper meaning with every step that I take on this fine earth. Connecting all the magic dots of life (@peeweeherman ref) makes me smile & gain perspective on what really matters. Here s to a new year & the evolution of self. Love ya s! 🖤 #2018 #resolution #clarity #nailedit #nevertoolatetostartsomethingnew #dontwaittoolong #peewee #connectthemagicdots #lalalala

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12 December 16:43:10
J adore Paris!! Still on a high after playing two dreamy nights at the mythical @olympiahall 🎈Paris crowds are always soo present & tellement électrique! ;) Thank you for packin the house two nights in a row. ♥️ I m also incredibly honored to have been a part of a very special tribute to a true icon, rocker n roll singer, & actor in France and beyond... Johnny Hallyday. Thanks to @candiceparise!!! It was such a pleasure introducing you & singing a duet version of #houseoftherisingsun (One of Johnny s biggest cover hits.) We mixed the beautiful French language and English with compassion in our hearts. Another one to remember... 💋 #paris #france #pmjtour #soldout #lolympia #johnnyhallyday #rip

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06 December 15:49:59
California dreamin On such a winter s dayyyy 🌦 Currently doin the rain dance for all my brothers & sisters in SoCal affected by the Ventura Fires. #staysafe #sendinggoodvibes 💦

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05 December 16:47:04
I wish I was special... You re so very special, but I m a creep. 🔮 #pmjtour #lastnight Shot by: @rattoingonnella Dress: @alyceparis Thank you Milan, Italy. 🇮🇹 It felt SO good to tap into my roots a bit more... As my Mom s side is from #Calabria A perfect time to be there for my late Grandmother, Emma s birthday... What a fierce, spunky little lady she was... & a killer ragtime player I might add! Glad we were able to jam with some of Milan s finest jazz musicians at #Bonaventura ...A night I will never forget. #iloveitaly #milan #creep

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05 December 13:52:13
Tis the season folks! My good friends just put out a verrrry hypnotizing version of, "We Three Kings." Make sure to check out their music vid on @youtube as well! Happy holidays 👑 #wethreekings @markballas @bcjean @caseybassy

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30 November 16:36:33
This lovely woman & I painted the town yesterday in Paris! 🗼Here we are at the wall of I looove... Written in every language!!! ♥️ Thank you for the perfect shopping experience, the wonderful conversation, & can t forget the wine & cheese! ;)🍷You re a living doll & I m so happy I got to see you & the girls perform again in the best burlesque show in all the land, @crazyhorseparis_official! 💋 Thanks for performing again to me & @pmjofficial s version of #oopsididitagain #wallofiloveyou #paris #crazyhorse #pmjtour