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A unique studio experience located in Cornelius, NC, offering sustainable fitness and life enhancement through cardio, strength and mobility training.

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Stimulus: “YOGA” Response: “Can’t. Intimidating. Not a workout.” ... A lot of us, ESPECIALLY MEN, feel this way. That’s why Joga was designed, specifically/scientifically for athletes and people with tight bodies. That’s why @mikedixon is targeting the lads for a special class THUR 12/27 (tomorrow) @noon. Sign-up on the kadi fit app (PS- last week our dudes said they sweat as much as they do in primal). #fitness #thesweatlife #thisisyoga #fit #life #newyears #finishstrong2017 #lkn #clt #workout #ānewyou @joga_world @jogajana @janeybworld 📸 @thebrojax @granthillfit

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I️ HATE BUYING CRAPPY GIFTS. I️ have built up an aversion to commercials and ads for crap. The more I have shifted in my personal development, the more I recognize material possessions only create clutter. What I thrive and live life off of now, is experiences. Where can I go? What new spot can I hit up? Who can I connect with there that will inspire me? Our experience is unlike any other... - @kadikatie <> members buy for 2 friends, that’s only $25 per gift.

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SINGLE ARM KETTLEBELL SWINGS increase the demands on the core. Be sure to engage the lats & keep the shoulder in socket. Don’t allow the torso to twist (even though the weight is now uneven), to increase the work of the stabilizers. Kettle Bell training is one of the most efficient workouts for torching calories (bonus- gorgeous sculpted physique). 📸 @youmakemeshutter @marylogangrier @shopwellkept #fitness #kettlebell #primal #evolve #functionaltraining #thesweatlife #lifestyle #clt