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Dancer👯✈️ #CA

Jenalyn (@luv_jena) Medias

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11 December 04:05:35
Sunny days never disappoint☀️🙌🏽❤️

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17 November 22:48:02
Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday today🎉 It has been one long day celebrating in both China and Canada❤️ Missing everyone so much and cant wait to see you all when i get back😘 I have God to thank for blessing me with another year of life😇 #17🎉🎂 #thankyouall

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17 November 07:03:30
Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in my life❤️ You have played such a huge role in my life and no matter how hard it gets, you support me through it all❤️ i am so blessed to call you mom and i love you so much Mama🎉😘 Even though we are apart on our birthday i hope your day is full of love and birthday wishes🙈😊💕#duobirthday #mamabear #scorpios

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09 November 06:51:29
・・・ WOD Live is leaving audiences amazed. Featuring a never before seen live show experience... We are bringing 3 more shows to California this month: 💫 Nov. 24 - Thousand Oaks, CA Nov. 25 - Anaheim, CA Nov. 26 - San Jose, CA 🚨 Get your tickets now, info at 🌐 #worldofdance #wodlive #wodlive17

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01 November 01:01:05
So many memories and such an amazing experience i have had on the #WODlive 2017 tour❤️ 10 cities and 11 shows... we have been through so much as a team and as a family💕Thank you so much to the whole WOD family for making my fantasy and dreams come true and become reality❤️It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of this and to everyone who made this possible i cannot thank you enough for all your positive love and support and i hope to see you all soon in California for the last 3 performances 😊 And last but not least i wouldnt be where i am in my career today without my amazing parents and partner who have been by my side since day 1! Especially my mom who has travelled with me and been with me through it all i love u so much mom😍😘 #mommalove @myrasp and thank you @luka.wolf for putting up with me and being part of my dream to success🙌🏽👌🏽 @supercr3w @evaigo2002 @diana_sofia11 @mihacevichsisters @elektrobotz @sam_sschwartz @vanessa_thornt @dna_denysantonina @ericflores4l @itsmrgomez @richiecorral @luka.jenalyn @dave21xl @worldofdance @hermanflores @chloemihacevich @madelinemihacevich @laineymihacevich @doknock @benstacks @thediss @ronnie_ff @neguinism @djmikemurda @tothe_max @domdomthebombom @phoenixbanuelos @j_odowda @luka.wolf

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26 October 19:07:03
On to our 7th show tonight in Minneapolis❤️ this tour has been one hell of a ride and i am so thankful to be part of it😍💕 also shoutout to @supercr3w for their awesome merchandise that i cannot get enough of😭love u guys💕#worldofdance #WODLIVE17 #tourbuslife✌🏼🚍📷 #somanyamazingpeople

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25 October 03:01:21
Credit to @j_odowda for this incredible photo❤️❤️

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19 October 22:10:02
Reading, Pennsylvania are you readyyyyyy❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉 #worldofdance #wodlive17 @worldofdance @luka.jenalyn #lukajenalyn

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17 October 12:30:46
Day 1 of the WOD live tour!! Its show day😱😱🎉❤️so excited to start off this amazing tour with these incredible people💕 @diana_sofia11 @evaigo2002 @supercr3w @dna_denysantonina @elektrobotz @mihacevichsisters @nappytabs