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Doherty 17
WSU 21
Diesel mechanic in the works
REST IN PEACE TONY 10/31/16 😒❀🀘❀😒
REST IN PEACE GJYSHI 01/4/17 😒❀❀❀😒

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3 months ago
Can't believe it's been a whole year bro since you passed mis you like crazy bro watch over us up their Tony love ya brother @tonydepalo_

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4 months ago
College had been pretty exciting so far and I've met alot of great people With the bros @tucker.llewelyn and nic πŸ€˜πŸ€™

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9 months ago
When you finally hit 225lbs for lets fucking go, just gotta work on controll a little more #bench #chestday

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10 months ago
It's that time of year to take mint photos of ur self and nature photo creds: @a._.k._

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11 months ago
Got 425 I'm comeing for u 500lbs better belive that but it's almost time to stop bolking and start cutting #squats #gains #mint

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1 year ago
I am sad to see you go gjyshi you lived a long and fruitful life u were the best man I have ever gotten too know I can't belive after 18 years of knowing you I had to say good bye today. I will be very upset for a long time, I am thankful for you bring our family to America you have done many great things in life it feels like it was yesterday that u would bring and pick me up from the busstop I will miss you so so much I will and for will love you, you are know in a better place. And God know is takeing care of you love you soo soo much gyjish till later we will see each other agine. Rest in peace gjyshi I will always love you stay strong up their

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1 year ago
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys I am very thankful that I have met all of you, and thankful for you guys letting me hang out with you guys I am glad to call you guys my second family, you guys are all great people, and great friends. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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1 year ago
We all love you Tony rest in peace Brotha see you soon

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1 year ago
I miss you so much Tony, u told you everything bro, even when I was down and miserable you used to be one to put a smirk on my face and make me Laf, see you soon bro. Rest easy Tony

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1 year ago
Can't belive that you are gone bro. I love you like a brother and you loved me to like a brother , you will be missed greatly, I have known since middle school we talked about so many things to due bro after we graduate highschool. I can't belive that I can't call,text or hang out with you anymore. Or even have are usealy conversations any more.we love you so much brother, stay strong. I will miss you so much. Love you brother from the bottom of my Hart and always will Tony, rock the heavens for us Brotha, see you soon,can't wait to talk to you agine. Love you brother