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J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 3 weeks  ago

3 weeks ago
😂😂😂 I come into work today and find that one of my dear co-workers left me a surprise, this is too perfect @cintron813

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 2 months  ago

2 months ago
This picture is from like almost 3 years ago, and of course the only car in it that still runs is the god damn Toyota 😂 Makes me question my loyalty to chevy

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 5 months  ago

5 months ago
Progress finally! Got her block, pistons, crank, and heads over to United Speed world to get cleaned up today, and it felt good finally making a significant step towards getting her back to life. There's still a lot to be done like fender flaring, wiring, dash bullshit, possible rear end upgrades, maybe swapping the rack and pinion out to help that God awful steering but for now I just gotta get her running again so I can enjoy that v8 rumble. This little Scubaru ain't cutting it lol

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 6 months  ago

6 months ago
Finally got around to moving the engine to my shop, and I got to shift my m22 for the first time in over a year. Feels pretty good. Can't wait to hear that gear whine again 😁

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 7 months  ago

7 months ago
@jacoblevipaul wanted me to post more so I'm here to give the people what they want 😂 this is one of the only pictures of the car i have that haven't already been posted lol, hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be starting the assembly of the engine and this boat will live once again. I'll start posting more often once I'm making significant progress with the build peeps

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 11 months  ago

11 months ago
Way back when my daily could do a burnout 😭 I miss driving her

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 1 year  ago

1 year ago
Well, nobody wanted to buy her so here's a few terrible quality pictures showing a little preview of what's to come for the monte carlo. I have a lot planned but it'll be a while before I get around to all of it. #fuckmyturningradius

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 1 year  ago

1 year ago

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 1 year  ago

1 year ago
Get off your fucking phones shit-heads

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 1 year  ago

1 year ago
Been a while since she's been on a lift. Still for sale if anyone is interested. 1500 for the roller. 3000 and it comes with a incomplete big block 470 and m22 4 speed. Doesn't have a wiring harness.

J. palmer (@palmer470_) Instagram photo 1 year  ago

1 year ago
Dat gto tho